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Maricopa County officials blast AG Brnovich for 'false' report on his 2020 election probe

In a scathing letter, Maricopa County officials laid into Attorney General Mark Brnovich for issuing a report last month that was "full of false innuendo and misrepresentations" about the 2020 election.... Read more»

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Arizona GOP ballot measure would restrict early voting to speed up ballot counting

Nail-biter elections that last two weeks after the polls close could be a thing of the past under a proposed measure that could be on the November ballot — with the trade-off that Arizonans will have fewer options for casting their votes.... Read more»1

Despite lingering claims, election officials hope to put 2020 in the past

While bipartisan panel of election officials preferred to look forward to the 2022 general elections, other voting rights advocates said officials cannot afford to ignore the ongoing threat posed by election deniers.... Read more»

Arizona activist group says it meant to allege 'ghost' votes from a nonexistent address

The leader of an activist group that issued a report on election irregularities provided an explanation why she falsely claimed ballots were cast from a vacant lot: She meant to attribute those votes to an address that doesn’t actually exist and where she knew no ballots were cast.... Read more»

Arizona 'audit' spreading mistrust in election process across the country, officials warn

The mistrust in Arizona’s Nov. 3 presidential election and the months-long "audit" it spawned is quickly spreading across the country, with politically driven efforts in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Florida, Michigan and Texas, the executive director of Secure Democracy said Wednesday. ... Read more»

Senators review draft of Arizona election 'audit', as critics redouble attacks

Arizona Senate Republicans are expected to begin their review Wednesday of a partial Maricopa County election 'audit', but critics are not waiting until then to target the report as little more than “invalid and unreliable” partisan propaganda. ... Read more»

Bolding running for Arizona secretary of state, will face Fontes in Dem primary

Arizona House Minority Leader Reginald Bolding is running for Arizona secretary of state, setting up a Democratic primary battle against former Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes.... Read more»

Top GOP senator: Shredded Maricopa ballots will ‘evaporate’ if given to the AG

A top-ranking Senate Republican told a Pinal County woman who claims to have found shredded 2020 ballots in a trash bin that she should turn them over to him and warned against trusting the Republican attorney general with the “smoking gun” evidence of election fraud. ... Read more»1

Arizona bill aims to disallow use of Sharpies on ballots

A bill at the Arizona legislature aims to prevent counties from requiring that specific markers or any other pen be used that may damage a ballot after a debunked claim that they spoiled ballots during the November election spread across social media during the election. ... Read more»


Trump’s falsehood-filled 'Save America' rally

Prior to the violence that disrupted Congress’ counting of the electoral votes, President Donald Trump gave an indignant speech filled with falsehoods about the presidential election he lost two months ago to Democrat Joe Biden.... Read more»

Trump’s voting irregularity claims get cold reception in court hearing

Roopali Desai, the attorney for the secretary of state, said the suit does not seem to be concerned with overvotes as much as it aims to “undermine the integrity and credibility of the election.” ... Read more»

Ducey mum on election fraud claims but says Arizona will respect election results

Gov. Doug Ducey said Arizona "will respect the election results," a subtle rejection of the bogus claims that President-elect Joe Biden cheated his way to victory in the state, but he has yet to publicly condemn or reject the conspiracy theories proliferating about the election.... Read more»

Far-right protesters demand ballots be counted, spread misinformation

Some Republican lawmakers and candidates gathered to rally outside the Arizona Capitol building and the Maricopa County Elections Department to protest baseless claims of voter fraud and debunked theories, including that Sharpies are invalidating the ballots of Trump voters.... Read more»

GOP stronghold no more: Democrats winning big in Maricopa County

Maricopa County's days as a Republican bastion could be coming to an end, as Democrats ended election night with leads in county races up and down the ballot, holding onto advantages in nearly every countywide race and possibly winning an unexpected takeover of the Board of Supervisors.... Read more»

Maricopa official: Disinformation poses threat to election security

Officials need to be as concerned about voting disinformation as they are about people tampering with ballots themselves, a Maricopa County official said Wednesday during a forum on election security.... Read more»

Corp Commission write-in race won’t be settled until days after election

One of the biggest questions of the primary election, whether the Republican Party will cede a Corporation Commission seat to the Democrats without putting up a fight, may not be answered by the end of Tuesday night.... Read more»

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