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Arizona advocates spotlight tampon shortage in fight against 'period poverty'

The latest supply chain problem – a shortage of feminine care items – has prompted Arizona advocates to renew calls for “period equity” to ensure that menstrual products are accessible and affordable for all. ... Read more»

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Maricopa County led nation in population growth; Pinal, Yavapai surged

Maricopa County added more new residents than any county in the nation last year, continuing a trend that local officials call a credit to the region’s opportunities and affordability, and all but four counties – Apache, Coconino, Greenlee and La Paz – saw population increases last year.... Read more»

‘Made in America’ boast will get a bit more challenging to make

President Joe Biden unveiled new rules Friday that will more closely scrutinize where the creation of components in a product labeled "Made in America" occurred, a move the White House says will bolster domestic manufacturing as more companies announce plans for U.S. factory jobs. ... Read more»


The Great Resignation: Historical data, deeper analysis show it’s not as great as headlines suggest

The so-called Great Resignation was one of the top stories of 2021 as “record” numbers of workers reportedly quit their jobs - but it isn’t quite as great as it seems, since large numbers of U.S. workers have been quitting for years.... Read more»

A surprise for America’s many career switchers: They need to go back to school

For years, economists have been warning that people hoping to switch careers would need additional education - even in industries that have not previously required it. Now that prophecy is coming true, to the surprise of many of the record number of Americans quitting their jobs.... Read more»

Heightened U.S.-China tensions present economic opportunities for Mexico

Seeing the intensifying friction between the United States and China as an opportunity to deepen economic ties, Mexico's newly appointed ambassador to China, Jesús Seade, announced in early September that he intends to “strengthen bonds of friendship” with the Asian nation. ... Read more»

First nationwide look at racial breakdown of career education confirms deep divides

Statistics released as part of new federal data on student enrollment in career and technical programs help paint a picture of a system in which Black and Hispanic students benefit less often from classes connected to higher-paying careers and college degrees than their white peers.... Read more»

Made in America: White House pushes agencies to buy more at home

President Joe Biden is rolling out a new plan to amp support of U.S. manufacturing, tighten loopholes on what qualifies as American and to announce a higher domestic-component threshold for U.S.-made products that the federal government purchases with taxpayer dollars. ... Read more»

This company got a $10 million PPP loan, then closed its plant and moved jobs to Mexico

Many American businesses, such as FreightCar America, received millions in federal pandemic aid intended to protect workers, but exploited loopholes and rule changes to lay off those employees anyway. ... Read more»

After billions of dollars and dozens of wartime declarations, why are vaccines still in short supply?

Manufacturing constraints and raw material output are among the reason that, despite President Joe Biden remarks that the nation is “now on track to have enough supply for 300 million Americans by the end of July,” Pfizer and Moderna will miss their targets of providing at least 100 million doses each by the end of March, let alone 200 million more doses each has promised by July.... Read more»

Ducey brings pitch for new North American trade deal to Washington

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey joined business leaders in Washington on Monday to push for final approval of the “critical” U.S.-Mexico-Canada agreement and protect trade that is worth billions in trade to the state. ... Read more»

Trump comments on NAFTA talks put some Arizona businesses on edge

One day after President Donald Trump’s prediction that the U.S. could “end up terminating NAFTA at some point,” business and political leaders expressed hope Wednesday that negotiations on a new deal will still be allowed to play out.... Read more»


Biden pads economic stats

In a speech in Miami, Vice President Joe Biden puffed up two statistics related to bringing manufacturing jobs back to the U.S. from overseas.... Read more»

Arizona exports topped $21 billion in 2014

Arizona businesses exported $21.1 billion in goods last year, which supported 93,354 jobs in the state, according to a report by the U.S. Trade Representative. It said the state's exports have grown 57 percent since 2004, with the vast majority from small or mid-sized companies. ... Read more»

Jeb Bush's manufacturing claim falls down on jobs

In touting conservative policies in Republican-controlled states, Jeb Bush claimed, “The Southeast is leading a renaissance in American manufacturing.” Not so. The Midwest has experienced a 9 percent increase in manufacturing jobs since the sector began its recovery in February 2010. That’s double the growth rate of the nine states in the Southeast. ... Read more»

Economists: Az recovery still a few years off

Arizona's economy could fully recover in three years as long as the so-called fiscal cliff doesn't kick the nation back into recession, a panel of experts said at an economic forecast luncheon. Experts predict Arizona will see more jobs being created, more single-family homes being built and higher retail sales. ... Read more»

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