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Small farms immune to safety investigations, even when a worker dies

In 1976, a few years after OSHA was created, Congress attached a rider to the agency’s budget that exempted farms with 10 or fewer employees from enforcement. It shields farm owners from accountability when their workers die in preventable accidents.... Read more»


Potter: The benefits of Obamacare in the simplest terms

Since 2010, the year President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act, more than $400 million has been spent by the law’s opponents to turn Americans against it, according to an analysis earlier this summer by the Campaign Media Analysis Group at Kantar Media. That compares to just $75 million spent by supporters to defend and explain the legislation. ... Read more»


Potter: Maine's health care fantasy

What happened in Maine is a sobering reality check on the oft-repeated myth that getting rid of ObamaCare and other consumer protections is the answer to our health care problems. A 'common sense' law created more problems than solutions.... Read more»

Poll: Santorum leads GOP contenders

According a new poll released Saturday, Rick Santorum for the first time has taken the nationwide lead in the GOP race for the presidential nomination, opening a 15-point gulf between himself and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.... Read more»


Baja Arizona: We're on Facebook!

A bunch of people want Pima County to separate from Arizona. They've even got a Facebook page.... Read more»2

Baja Arizona?

Group wants Pima County to divorce Arizona

Pima County politicians have joked about the idea of political separation from more-conservative Maricopa County for decades. But the Legislature's recent moves on topics including immigration caused some to stop laughing and form a committee advocating that the county separate from Arizona. (with video)... Read more»16

Guest opinion

Arizona’s SB 1070 isn’t racist... is it?

Guest opinion: The marching song of the backers of Arizona’s new immigration law SB 1070 includes an oft-repeated verse that this law has nothing to do with race. ... Read more»8