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What 5 previous congressional investigations can teach us about Jan. 6 hearings

Public hearings to be held by the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection House committee are part of a long history of congressional investigation, and a look at 5 suggests Congress has used its constitutional authority to gather facts and draw attention to important issues.... Read more»


Claytoonz: Vanishing Lake Mead is concrete evidence of climate change

A grandmother dying from heatstroke in August because she can’t afford air conditioning may not be as glamorous as goons shooting Bugsy Siegel in Beverly Hills, but it’s the death we should be talking about. We still don’t know who killed Bugsy or why, but we know what's killing grandma. Climate change.... Read more»

Rogue Columnist

The murder of Don Bolles: A players guide

On June 2, 1976, a bomb detonated under the car of Arizona Republic reporter Don Bolles in Midtown Phoenix. He survived an agonizing 11 days before he died. The closest assassins went to prison. Yet full justice was never served. The real puppetmasters got away with it. Many in high positions wanted it to go away.... Read more»

Rogue Columnist

40 years later: Who murdered reporter Don Bolles?

As difficult as it is for some of us to believe, Thursday marks 40 years since the bombing that killed Arizona Republic reporter Don Bolles. It remains the most enduring mystery and troubling crime in modern Phoenix history.... Read more»

Boston mob boss 'Whitey' Bulger caught

Notorious Boston mobster James "Whitey" Bulger, who became No. 1 on the FBI's most-wanted list when Osama bin Laden was killed, has been arrested after 16 years on the run and an international manhunt, the FBI announced.... Read more»

Border reservation a smuggler's playground

Until now, the U.S. has focused most of its security efforts on its border with Mexico. But its porous northern frontier is set to come under greater scrutiny following recent warnings of terrorist threats. Organized crime uses the highly porous Mohawk reservation as a conduit for illicit cargo, including cigarettes and firearms.... Read more»

'Canadian godfather' Nicolo Rizzuto meets his end

Gunned down last week by a marksman hiding in the woods behind his Montreal mansion, Nicolo Rizzuto's death was as cinematic as his life.... Read more»

Mafia suspect nabbed via Facebook

Italian police used a suspect's excessive use of Facebook to track down one of the country's most-wanted mafia bosses.... Read more»