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Phoenix es una de los 25 peores cidades EE. UU. por la polución del aire, según informe

El 84% de las personas en Arizona viven en comunidades que recibieron calificaciones de "F" por la calidad del aire, con los condados de Maricopa y Pinal entre los más contaminados y los condados de Pima y Gila siguiéndolos.... Read more»

State of the Air report ranks Phoenix among 25 worst U.S. cities for pollution

84% of people in Arizona live in communities that received “F” grades for their air quality based on high ozone days and high particle pollution days, with Maricopa and Pinal counties among the most polluted and Pima and Gila counties following.... Read more»1

Western boom cities see spike in harmful ozone

In the heavily populated mountain valleys of the West, the odorless, colorless gas known as ozone has remained stubbornly difficult to reduce to safe levels.... Read more»

Wildfire pollution could be killing more than the fires

Wildfires the world over have exacted a devastating toll, destroying lives with increased frequency as warming temperatures and questionable forest management practices have made fires larger, more intense and more frequent. ... Read more»

Smoking could worsen progression of COVID-19, research finds

From the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, health experts have pointed to smoking as one of several risk factors that could worsen the disease and potentially lead to death.... Read more»

Dust storms may increase Valley fever threat

Since a gigantic haboob in July 2011, Banner Health has seen an epidemic of Valley fever, which can be deadly in patients who have compromised immune systems.... Read more»1