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Discovery of Pluto at Flagstaff observatory continues to inspire 92 years later

The same finding that brought astronomical fame to Flagstaff and the Tombaugh family has provided Lowell Observatory with a tradition they hope to continue for generations by celebrating one of the city’s defining scientific moments - the 92nd anniversary of the discovery of Pluto.... Read more»

UA astronomers find key to mysterious near earth objects may be the moon

A near earth-object vexed University of Arizona astronomers until their inspiration was struck by moonlight.... Read more»

Arizona scientists on new evidence, possible location for life on Mars

New evidence of saltwater lakes under Mars has sparked a new debate about life on the red planet.... Read more»

Tucson scientist touts 2015 visit to ‘dwarf planet’ Pluto

Tucson scientist David Grinspoon joined a panel Monday talking about NASA’s New Horizons mission to Pluto – but the scientists were most animated when talking about the feud over the status of the recently classified “dwarf planet.”... Read more»

Astronomers praise Brewer’s electronic billboards veto

Gov. Jan Brewer’s veto of a bill that would have allowed electronic billboards will help preserve world-class astronomy in Arizona, a group of astronomers said Thursday.... Read more»2