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Shelved Arizona bill banning LGBTQ discrimination, conversion therapy sparks debate

Advocates for LGBTQ rights and defenders of religious freedom faced off during a hearing over an Arizona bill not up for vote this session proposing to ban discrimination and conversion therapy. ... Read more»

Arizona nonprofits, business groups help Latino-owned firms hit hard by pandemic

Latino-owned businesses were hit especially hard during the COVID-19 pandemic but received less federal relief than other firm - to help close that gap, nonprofits have stepped in during the pandemic to help when government programs did not.... Read more»

Business executives: Path to citizenship a tool to combat labor shortages

Time is running out for Senate Democrats to deliver millions of undocumented immigrants a path to citizenship that their families nationwide have been clamoring for years, and business leaders in Arizona are emphasizing the economic benefits of a path to legalization. ... Read more»

Arizona businesses get another 60 days to apply for pandemic relief assistance

Arizona business officials welcomed Tuesday’s extension of the Paycheck Protection Program, a multibillion-dollar pandemic-relief program for businesses that one official said has been “keeping people open from day to day” over the past year. The program was set to expire Wednesday with $88 billion still unallocated, but President Joe Biden signed a measure Tuesday extending it for another 60 days. Now businesses have until May 31 to apply for loans, which have been worth billions to Arizona businesses so far.... Read more»

Arizona passes COVID-19 milestone, as final county meets reopening mark

Arizona officials hailed a COVID-19 milestone Thursday, when the final county in the state crossed a coronavirus transmission threshold that lets some shuttered businesses begin the process of reopening.... Read more»

Arizona’s messy tax system hampers small biz battling online retailers

Arizona small business owners are fighting for sales tax equality with online retailers, similar to 39 other states trying to collect taxes on goods that consumers buy online. But experts said Arizona’s tax system complicates the situation.... Read more»

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Help create the place you want to live by shopping local

Many people know instinctively that supporting local, independent businesses is better for everyone. In recent years studies have proven that independent businesses contribute more to local economies. More than three times the revenue spent in local businesses remains and recirculates in the community.... Read more»

John C. Scott

J.C. Scott: Shop local first

Interviews with Local First Arizona's Tucson membership coordinator, Deanna Chevas, plus Tucson Weekly Editor Dan Gibson, Tucson Padres GM Mike Feder, Pima Animal Care Center Shelter Manager Justin Gallick, financial advisor Shelly Fishman, and reporter Jeff Demand on the Yarnell fire.... Read more»

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Buy local: Celebrate independent business — all year long

Local independent businesses are the cornerstone of the economy and connectors of the community. Because they are rooted in the cities and towns they operate in, living and raising families there, local business owners impact their local economy and community quite purposefully. Let’s get more bang for our bucks by shopping locally during Independents Week, June 30-July 7, and all year long.... Read more»1

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Resolve to shop local

As 2012 comes to a close, many of us will make resolutions for the new year to lose weight, read a book, learn a language, or one of a million other goals we have put off to improve our well being. However, there is something we can do to make a far greater impact on our own lives and in our community: pledge to shift 10 percent of the money you spend from national chains to independent businesses.... Read more»

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Small Biz Week: Buy local, eat local, read local

It's Small Business Week and TucsonSentinel.com is asking for your help. Our goal is to reflect our community, inform our community and to build community. As a locally owned small business, we can't do that without your help.... Read more»

Local First effort expands to Spanish-speaking community

Local First Arizona is trying to reach Spanish speakers through Fuerza Local — Spanish for Local Force — in an effort to attract more shoppers from the Latino community to buy locally.... Read more»2

Local First Arizona

Giving local firms an edge in state contracts could aid Az

Dollars spent with local businesses have a far greater impact on Arizona’s economy, tax revenues and jobs, and that applies even when state government puts out contracts for bid, the head of a small-business group said Friday.... Read more»

Tight budgets crimp Arizona centennial plans

On Monday, the 99th anniversary of Arizona’s statehood, Gov. Jan Brewer will urge Arizonans to use the next 12 months to celebrate the centennial. But many communities will do so with fewer resources than leaders originally anticipated. (with video)... Read more»