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GOP poll watcher training casts unfounded suspicion on Arizona elections

The RNC is trying to recruit 5,000 Arizona poll workers and observers for the primary and general elections while partnering with several groups for “election integrity” trainings and casting doubts on the 2020 election, even though courts found otherwise.... Read more»

U.S. House panels probe election disinformation in Arizona, Florida, Ohio and Texas

The chairs of two U.S. House committees said Thursday they are asking election officials from Arizona, Florida, Ohio and Texas to detail what they are doing to “counter lies and conspiracy theories and protect the integrity of federal elections.” ... Read more»

Maricopa County boomed in 2016, Pima population up by thousands

Maricopa County added more people last year than any other county in the nation, but it was neighboring Pinal County that posted the fastest growth rate in the state, a beneficiary of overflow from its neighbor to the north. Pima County added about 8,000 residents as well.... Read more»