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Piper Hoppe, 10, from Minnetonka, Minn., holds a sign at the doorway of the River Bluff Dental Clinic, in Bloomington, Minn., in protest of the killing of Cecil the lion.

A Tucson-based hunting club that suspended a Minnesota dentist who killed Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe has given money to the campaigns of numerous U.S. politicians, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker John Boehner, a watchdog group's records show. Read more»

A new law in Mexico banning the use of tigers, elephants, zebras, lions and other exotic animals in circuses comes into effect next week. But what will happen to all of these animals? Read more»

Three of the four cubs in Kaya's new litter, born last week. A photo of the fourth isn't yet available, Metzger said. 'Kaya gets pretty agitated when we pull the cubs, so the vet team works as quickly as possible. We snap away with the camera and try to identify the cubs after the fact ... which isn't an exact science. Once they get a little bigger, and Kaya gets used to the process, we should be able to get clearer photos of all of them.'

The pride of lions at the Reid Park Zoo more than doubled recently, as Tucson's female lion Kaya gave birth to a litter of five cubs last week. Four of the cubs, three males and one female, survived. One cub did not live past the first day, while one of the males is the runt of the litter, appearing weaker and gaining weight slowly. Read more» 1

Reid Park Zoo's animals celebrated Valentine's Day early with special treats from their keepers during the "I Love the Zoo" day Sunday. Read more» 1

After the recent tragedy of the death of a giraffe from oleander poisoning, the Reid Park Zoo finally has something to celebrate: the birth of three lion cubs, the zoo announced Tuesday. Read more» 1

A lioness and a cub in Botswana's Okavango Delta.

The biggest threat to African lions is humans. Some experts say lions could be extinct in the wild in as few as 10 years. But critics say lion hunting benefits African countries. The story of the dwindling lion population is told in "The Last Lions," a new documentary. (with video) Read more»