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Smart v. Stupid

The Tea Party’s Mad Hatters are back

The Tea Party’s B-team of Mad Hatters are back in the news. Will they once again try to bury substance under a giant pile of tea?... Read more»1

Smart v. Stupid

Liberty Central: Repo’d by the Koch brothers?

Earlier this week, Ginni Thomas was pushed aside for a new Liberty Central leader, an attorney named Sarah Field. Field's last job was at the Charles Koch Foundation. If my attempts to find or contact her are any indication, Fields appears to be a very good secret keeper.... Read more»

Smart v. Stupid

A Citizens United conspiracy, complete with two Supremes

Smart v. Stupid: The New York Times is reporting that the billionaire Koch Brothers regularly convene secret conclaves of industrialists aiming to prevent government from regulating business.The attendees also include two Supreme Court justices and three news agencies who never report on the meetings.... Read more»