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Several counties didn’t hand count ballots because political parties didn’t participate

Several counties didn't conduct post-election hand counts of ballots because one or more of Arizona's political parties declined to participate.... Read more»

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Christopher Cole, longtime Tucson Libertarian, dead at 69

Christopher Cole, a leader in the Pima County Libertarian Party and frequent speaker at public meetings, died this week at age 69.... Read more»

Ninth Circuit puts kibosh on Libertarian fight of Arizona election rules

While Arizona’s election requirements may force Libertarians to work harder to put candidates on the primary ballot, the rules passed constitutional muster Friday with a Ninth Circuit panel. ... Read more»


A paint-by-number portrait of Arizona’s nebulous independent voter

There are still some researchers who believe there really is no such thing as “independent voters.” But independents are beginning to claim space in the mind of many numbers-savvy campaigns of Democrats and Republicans alike in Arizona.... Read more»1

Hispanic leaders push voting, but dismiss third-party candidates

Latino leaders are making the case to millennial Hispanic voters that “there are really only two options in this next election” – Democrat Hillary Clinton or Republican Donald Trump.... Read more»

Court upholds state’s rules for political parties to get on the ballot

A federal appeals court Friday upheld the state’s process for recognizing political parties, rejecting claims by the Arizona Green Party that the petition deadline for new parties posed an unconstitutional burden. ... Read more»

Poll: Clinton vs. Trump a toss-up in Arizona

A poll released Monday showed that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are essentially tied in Arizona, with the Democrat up a single point over the Republican in the traditionally GOP-leaning state.... Read more»

FactCheck: Unpacking pot’s impact in Colorado

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson said “marijuana-related” traffic deaths, hospital visits and school suspensions in Colorado have “not significantly” increased since the state legalized the drug. That’s inaccurate. Statistics from various official sources show substantial increases.... Read more»

Former gov. hopeful Barry Hess reposts Neo-Nazi screed, says 'Anne Frank' a forgery

A former Libertarian Party candidate for Arizona governor, Barry Hess, shared on Facebook an anti-Semitic screed by a notorious Holocaust-denying Neo-Nazi on Thursday, calling the "Diary of Anne Frank" a forged work of "Jewish propaganda"... Read more»

Who wants to be a U.S. president? Az nominations open

Maybe any child can grow up to be president — there are enough candidates already in the race. But if you'd like to ensure an even more crowded ballot in Arizona's March presidential primary, the filing period is now open. Get 500 people to sign a nominating petition, and you can add your name.... Read more»

Uncontested primaries mean no surprises in Tucson voting

With not a single contested race on the ballot, combined with Tucson's vote-by-mail system, primary day was about as anti-climactic as an election can possibly be. Tuesday, City Council candidates barely even worked to turn out the vote, knowing their electoral fates had already been sealed in envelopes days or weeks ago.... Read more»

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Third parties have opportunity in uncontested Tucson mayoral race

Tucson's local elections are right around the corner and amidst several contested City Council seats, one position is currently unchallenged. That is of course the office of mayor, currently held by Democrat Jonathan Rothschild. The failure of the Republican Party to produce a single candidate presents a unique opportunity for Tucson's third parties.... Read more»5

Both sides of aisle laud Goldwater as statue takes place in Capitol

It’s been almost 30 years, but former Arizona Sen. Barry Goldwater is finally back in the U.S. Capitol. But this time he’s 8 feet tall and weighs 1,700 pounds. A statue of Goldwater was unveiled amid praise for the one-time presidential nominee known as "Mr. Conservative."... Read more»1

Libertarian candidate Olivas drops CD3 bid

Miguel Olivas, a Democrat turned Republican turned Libertarian, has dropped out of congressional race in CD3, he said Monday. Tuesday, Olivas' campaign Facebook and Twitter pages had already been taken down.... Read more»

John C. Scott

J.C. Scott: 24th Annual All Souls Procession this Sunday

Ward 2 Tucson City Councilman Paul Cunningham, talk show host Emil Franzi, Downtown Tucson Partnership CEO Michael Keith, and Inside Tucson Business Editor Mark B. Evans... Read more»

Opponents of new election law say they have sigs to force statewide vote

Voter-advocacy groups seeking a referendum to overturn a sweeping new state election law delivered more than 146,000 petition signatures Wednesday to the Secretary of State’s Office. Needing 86,405 valid signatures to qualify for the ballot, leaders said they had more than enough to put the issue to voters in November 2014.... Read more»1

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