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Az climate advocates, lawmaker urge Sens. Sinema and Kelly to support Biden budget plan

With much of Arizona enduring another string of excessive heat warnings, advocates joined state Sen. Lela Alston to urge U.S. Sens. Kyrsten Sinema and Mark Kelly to support President Joe Biden’s efforts to “address increasingly frequent and extreme weather affecting Arizonans.” ... Read more»

Realistic imitation guns present potential dangers, benefits

Since 2015, at least 4% of deadly police shootings nationwide have had victims holding “toy weapons,” including children’s toy guns, nonfunctional replicas, BB guns, and airsoft guns. However, while imitation guns’ aesthetic authenticity currently benefits many groups, officers are not trained to differentiate fake guns from real ones.... Read more»

Debate not bitter: Arizona Leg might declare lemonade as state drink

Lemonade is one step closer to becoming Arizona’s state drink. Four senators jokingly proposed amendments to change the state drink to pink lemonade, sun tea, the margarita or Jamaica, a drink created from hibiscus flowers.... Read more»

Schools look to first payment on $1.6B ruling

Gov. Jan Brewer has said the state will appeal a judge's decision that Arizona must make a first payment of $317 million to make up for shorting school districts during the Great Recession. ... Read more»

Lawmaker: Allow trained school staff to store guns on campus

A state lawmaker says giving trained schoolteachers and staff access to firearms in storage lockers is a way to secure campuses when it isn't possible to provide resource officers. His bill to allow that has won committee approval and is awaiting action by the full House. ... Read more»1

Bill seeks felony charge for intentionally exposing others to HIV, STDs

Rep. Lela Alston, D-Phoenix, says she introduced the bill because a woman in her district contracted a sexually transmitted disease from a man who didn't tell her he was infected. The measure covers giving blood or tissue and sharing needles, as well as sexual activity.... Read more»1

Brewer urged to drop deferred action license order

Democrats and activists called on Gov. Brewer to drop an executive order she issued in August denying driver’s licenses to deferred action participants at a press conference in Phoenix Tuesday night.... Read more»1

'Stealth governing': Transparency missing in Az Legislature

Arizona’s legislative session this year was as hard to track as a Stealth bomber, even for many Capitol regulars. Technology is in theory giving Arizonans unprecedented access to the Legislature, but lawmakers are short-circuiting the public process.... Read more»

Some Az workers could see minimum wage cut

A state lawmaker wants Arizona voters to decide in November whether to allow a lower minimum wage for tipped workers and younger part-time and temporary employees.... Read more»