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La economía de Arizona cerca a los estándares previos a la pandemia

A medida que se acerca el segundo aniversario de la pandemia de COVID-19, los analistas dicen que la economía de los EE. UU. ha vuelto casi por completo a la normalidad y que la economía de Arizona está operando al 97 % de lo que era en marzo de 2020.... Read more»

Unemployment dips in Arizona for December, but job market still tight

As COVID-19 pummels away in Arizona, unemployment in the state dipped slightly in December, with the restaurant and entertainment industries continuing to take the hardest hits. The unemployment rate dropped 0.5%, putting Arizona among 20 states to post December decreases.... Read more»

Jobs report: Arizona wages rising faster than nation's

A growing shortage of workers has been driving up average earnings since mid-2015, long before Arizonans voted to increase the minimum wage. In Pima County, the jobless rate not only fell in April to 4.2 percent from 4.4 percent in March but came in lower than the state and national rates. But job growth is still slow.... Read more»

ASU study: Repealing Obamacare could cost Az 29,000 jobs

An outright repeal of the federal Affordable Care Act would cost Arizona about 29,400 health care jobs next year — and could throw the state’s healthiest economic sector into a one-year recession, an Arizona State University economist said.... Read more»