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Arizona Republicans look to curb lobbying activities by cities, counties, school districts

On a party-line 4-3 vote, with all three Democratic members opposing the proposal, the Arizona Senate Government Committee approved Senate Bill 1198, which prohibits cities, towns, counties, school districts and other political subdivisions of the state from hiring outside lobbyists. ... Read more»

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Az Democrats call on Republicans to support paid leave, affordable housing

Arizona Democrats urged their Republican colleagues to support legislation that would ensure paid family and medical leave and greater access to affordable housing at a Tuesday press conference in front of the state Capitol. ... Read more»

New Arizona legislation would limit mayoral power to shut down businesses in emergencies

Mayors would no longer be able to order businesses to close during a state of emergency under a GOP-backed proposal fueled by anger stemming from the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, when Arizona cities ordered many businesses to temporarily close.... Read more»

Arizona businesses with vaccine mandates would face $500K lawsuits under GOP proposal

Arizonan businesses would be on the hook for half a million dollars in damages if they refuse a religious exemption from an employee who later experiences significant injury as a result of getting vaccinated under a proposal advancing in the GOP-controlled legislature. ... Read more»

Arizona Senate approves $12.8 B budget, massive tax cut

The Senate approved all budget bills, nearly all on 16-14 party-line votes throughout Tuesday and into the early morning hours of Wednesday.... Read more»

Staring at a government shutdown, Arizona Republicans seek compromise on tax cuts

Sen. Paul Boyer - one of the two GOP holdouts blocking the proposed budget and tax cut plan forged by Republican leaders and Gov. Doug Ducey - is working on a compromise plan, while threat from the Telegraph Fire has delayed plans by second holdout David Cook, R-Globe, to put forth his own proposal.... Read more»

Globe Republican David Cook votes against flat-tax proposal, scuttling GOP budget

Arizona House Republicans’ effort to force through a budget fell short again as GOP Rep. David Cook continued his opposition over a massive income tax cut package, arguing that the small cities in his largely rural district can’t afford the revenue losses they’ll incur from the proposed flat tax. ... Read more»

Arizona House to return for budget vote, but GOP support remains in question

The House of Representatives is back in session and will take another shot at passing a budget, including a massive income tax cut that would replace Arizona’s graduated income tax brackets with a flat 2.5% rate, but it still doesn’t appear to have the unanimous support from Republicans that it needs to pass.... Read more»

Arizona cities wait, worry over state budget that poses ‘huge hit’ to revenues

Local governments in Arizona are anxiously watching state budget negotiations that they fear could end up delivering a “huge hit” to city and town finances, as the current proposal to lower the state income tax to an across-the-board 2.5% would result in about a $1.5 billion reduction in tax revenues next year.... Read more»

AG: Pima County ban on political contributions unconstitutional

Pima County's prohibition on its employees contributing money to candidates for county office violates both the U.S. and Arizona constitutions, according to Attorney General Mark Brnovich.... Read more»

Secretary of state: Goldwater Institute attorneys should have registered as lobbyists

The Secretary of State’s Office found reasonable cause that the Goldwater Institute, a Phoenix libertarian think tank and litigation center, violated a law requiring lobbyists to register with the state.... Read more»1


McSally gave the worst possible excuse for telling cities they’re all alone

If you want to see a mesmerizing combination of desperation and ineptitude on display, just take a look at Sen. Martha McSally. Her absurd (and wildly untrue) response to a column about COVID-19 aid is "You weren't supposed to hear that!"... Read more»


McSally to struggling Az cities: Cavalry isn’t coming to help you

Martha McSally has the solution for Arizona cities that have seen a gaping hole blown in their budgets because of the coronavirus pandemic: Sit tight and hope that the federal government loosens the strings on a too-small pot of money that you can't access.... Read more»

Ducey, cities want federal COVID aid

President Donald Trump and U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have questioned whether the federal government should provide aid to state and local governments that are facing massive fiscal problems as they grapple with the COVID-19 crisis, dimming the hopes of governors and mayors who have asked Congress and the White House for financial lifelines.... Read more»

Arizona primary elections might be held earlier in August

A bill that would move up the date of the Arizona primary election passed through the House Elections Committee on a party-line vote last week.... Read more»

Legislature moves to block cities from banning plastic bags

Bisbee has banned single-use plastic bags and added a fee for paper bags, and Tempe and Flagstaff are considering following suit. But a bill before the state Legislature would bar cities, towns and counties from doing so. ... Read more»5

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