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Study shows nearly half of bald eagles in Arizona affected by chronic lead poisoning

A new study from the journal Science found that almost half of bald eagles and golden eagles in Arizona and 37 other states suffered from chronic lead poisoning - caused by consuming lead from bullets and shot through their diet. ... Read more»

What’s in wildfire smoke? A toxicologist explains the health risks

In parts of the West, wildfire smoke now makes up nearly half the air pollution measured annually, and while we know that breathing smoke can be harmful, less clear is what the worsening wildfire landscape will mean for public health in the future, but research is raising red flags.... Read more»

Az public schools still working to get lead out of drinking water

Since state officials identified dozens of Arizona public schools with elevated levels of lead contamination in water fixtures, nearly half the schools still are undergoing repairs or tests for levels that could affect students, faculty and staff members.... Read more»

Warning sounded on heavy metals in chocolates

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, news that may break a chocolate-lover’s heart: A consumer group is taking legal action against an array of major chocolate manufacturers and retailers, saying they’ve failed to warn consumers about the potentially harmful levels of lead and cadmium in their products.... Read more»


Lead exposure in older homes means children 'pay with their lives'

Lead poisoning has been recognized as a major health problem since at least the 1930s, but it continues to threaten many Americans, particularly children. The CDC issued new guidelines last week, estimating that roughly 535,000 youngsters may have unsafe levels of the toxic metal in their blood.... Read more»

Phx superfund site is first to be cleaned up in Az

The site near downtown Phoenix was designated a state superfund site after the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality determined it was contaminated with levels of lead and other chemicals that exceeded the health standards of the state and the federal government. ... Read more»

Tucson receives $2.4M grant to get the lead out

A grant from the the Department of Housing and Urban Development hopes to help Tucson's low-income families eliminate lead hazards in their homes over the next three years. ... Read more»

Lead poisoning in Nigeria 'unprecedented'

Lead poisoning usually causes life-long debilitating illness, not immediate death. Yet in the state of Zamfara, a poor, arid region in northern Nigeria, lead poisoning has killed more than 400 children in the past six months.... Read more»