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Returning prosecutor to lead new Pima County anti-fraud unit

Pima County Attorney's Office has tapped veteran prosecutor Julia Kaiserman to lead an expanding unit dedicated to fighting fraud, officials announced Tuesday.... Read more»

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Conover: No charges for off-duty TPD officer over Nov. tussle in restaurant parking lot

A Tucson police officer who pinned two women to the ground during a confrontation outside of a Midtown restaurant last November will not face criminal charges, the Pima County Attorney's Office announced Wednesday.... Read more»

Conover reverses, will resume drug charges after Pima jail numbers stay high

Saying that her policy to reduce crowding and decrease COVID-19 risks at the jail was "undermined," Pima County Attorney Laura Conover will resume filing charges in minor drug cases, in order to direct people to treatment via court.... Read more»

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On shooting a man in a wheelchair 9 times in the back: A tale of 2 justice systems

When a police officer kills someone in Arizona they benefit from a very special justice system, guided by unique laws and practices granted only to police. TPD fired Officer Ryan Remington after he shot a man 9 times in the back, but three months have passed and charges have yet to be filed against him.... Read more»

Pima County works to reduce overrepresentation of Native Americans in its jails

Native Americans are 1.8 times as likely as white Americans to be booked into a Pima County jail, which is why the county in 2016 started to address the drivers of its jail population with such solutions as pretrial behavioral-health diversion programs and warrant resolution. ... Read more»

Pima County Attorney finds 'confusion' drove voters to cast multiple ballots, declines to bring charges

After reviewing 115 incidents of local voters casting multiple ballots in the 2020 election, the Pima County Attorney's Office said Friday that the incidents were the result of "confusion" and did not warrant criminal charges. ... Read more»2

Tucson cop fired after review of fatal shooting of man in wheelchair

A Tucson police officer who fatally shot a man in a wheelchair in the back in November has been fired after an internal review. Ryan Remington still faces a criminal investigation in the death of Richard Lee Richards.... Read more»

Pima County Attorney to stop prosecuting simple drug cases, citing COVID

With COVID-19 cases again spiking, Pima County Attorney Laura Conover announced Tuesday that she'll no longer be prosecuting many drug cases, to avoid potential exposures in the county jail. Cases that involve other felonies will still be brought, she said.... Read more»

Pima prosecutor probes fatal shooting of man in wheelchair by Tucson cop

Pima County prosecutors will begin reviewing the fatal shooting of a man in a motorized wheelchair by a Tucson police officer two weeks ago, County Attorney Laura Conover said Friday. The officer faces potential criminal charges and is being fired by TPD.... Read more»2

Tucson cop fired after shooting man in wheelchair 9 times in the back

A Tucson police officer has been fired after he shot a man in a wheelchair at least nine times in the back Monday evening, killing him as the officer responded to a report of a theft of a toolbox. Officer Ryan Remington faces a criminal investigation.... Read more»

Az Supreme Court rules laws blocking school vaccine & mask mandates were unconstitutionally passed

The Arizona Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that a series of laws barring schools from implementing COVID mask and vaccination mandates were unconstitutionally passed by the Arizona Legislature, as was a law meant to block teaching "critical race theory."... Read more»1

Long-time Pima County gov't attorney Chris Straub found dead near Sedona resort

Chris Straub, a top staffer for the Pima County Attorney's Office for more than 30 years, was found dead a few miles north of Sedona by the Coconino County Sheriff's Office. Straub had gone fly fishing in Oak Creek Canyon on Tuesday but did not return that night. ... Read more»

Tucson-area school districts celebrate ruling halting Az laws that blocked COVID mask mandates

Local schools, Pima County leaders and Democratic state legislators said that a judge made the "right call" with a Monday ruling that a series of laws passed by the Arizona Legislature barring schools from implementing COVID mask and vaccination mandates was unconstitutional. ... Read more»

With deadline looming, Az court reviews ban on school COVID mask & vax requirements

An Arizona judge is reviewing whether to scrap a state ban on school mask mandates and vaccination requirements before a Sept. 29 deadline. A court held earlier that the new law could not be enforced until 90 days after the legislative session, allowing some school districts to temporarily require masks as a bulwark against COVID-19. ... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

No gimme: GOP may not benefit from Kirkpatrick's retirement

Ann Kirkpatrick's leaving Congress next year, creating an open seat. But too many moving parts obstruct any clear view into what might pass for a crystal ball that predicts the 2022 midterms that should be a big year for Republicans. Both parties remain their own biggest foils.... Read more»1

Mapping out Laura Conover's sweeping victory to become Pima County attorney

Laura Conover’s victory in the August 4 Democratic primary election for Pima County attorney was decisive and thorough. She received 82,708 of the 140,285 votes cast — giving her about 59 percent of the vote.... Read more»

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