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La creciente población latina de Arizona está subrepresentada entre los maestros

El cuarenta y cinco por ciento de los estudiantes de Arizona en los grados de prekínder a 12 se identifican como latinos, pero solo el 16% de los más de 58,000 maestros de Arizona son latinos, según datos del Departamento de Educación de Arizona.... Read more»

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Arizona’s growing Latino population is underrepresented among teachers

Forty-five percent of Arizona students in grades pre-K through 12 identify as Latino, but only 16% of Arizona’s more than 58,000 teachers are Latino, according to Arizona Department of Education data.... Read more»


3 ways teachers can help special-ed students of color do better

When compared to white students with disabilities, students of color with disabilities are more likely to be placed in separate classrooms, and this may lead to lower educational outcomes for students of color in special education.... Read more»

Fewer Latinos going to college, despite population growth

The number of colleges with Latino enrollment of at least 25 percent - designated as Hispanic-serving Institutions - has declined during the pandemic, reversing a 20-year trend in higher education, and putting these students at a disadvantage.... Read more»

Tucson contrata navegantes bilingües para pequeñas empresas

La ciudad de Tucson contrató a dos navegantes bilingües para apoyar dueños de pequeñas empresas con el acceso al capital y conexiones de recursos. ... Read more»

Tucson hires bilingual small-biz navigators

A pair of new "small business navigators" for the city of Tucson will offer help to Spanish-speaking small business owners, officials said.... Read more»

Las universidades de todo el país enfrentan una rápida disminución en la matrícula masculina

Las universidades de todo el país enfrentan una rápida disminución en la inscripción de hombres con la Universidad de Arizona ligeramente abajo y ASU contrarrestando la tendencia. ... Read more»

Tucson lowrider bike film 'Low y Cool' will show on big screen again 25 years later

The 1996 documentary "Low y Cool" about a lowrider bicycle club from Tucson's South Side will play on a big screen again in a 25th anniversary showing, which will include a discussion about Chicano history in Tucson.... Read more»

Asians, other minorities fear attacks because of race, survey finds

One in four Asian households in the U.S. report fearing physical attacks and threats because of their race, according to a recent survey by NPR, and other minority households also reported fears for their safety. ... Read more»

Report: Census undercount may have missed 1.6 million in U.S., 48,000 in Arizona

The 2020 Census - particularly challenging with the COVID-19 pandemic and a heated political climate - may have missed more than 1.6 million Americans, about 48,000 of them in Arizona, with the undercount disproportionately falling on minority groups.... Read more»

Demand among Black, Latino students fuels college entrepreneurship programs

Increasing numbers of Black and Hispanic Americans are starting their own businesses - and in response, colleges and universities are launching or expanding entrepreneurship programs, which they see as a way of increasing enrollment and attracting more diverse students.... Read more»

Comunidades rurales reciben ayuda para casos de emergencia de salud mental

En medio de dos crisis que se cruzan en Estados Unidos, una epidemia de opioides y el maltrato de las llamadas de emergencia de salud mental, el gobierno federal ha otorgado $ 5.6 millones para capacitar mejor a los trabajadores médicos de emergencia rurales.... Read more»

Federal grant pays for training of emergency medical workers in rural communities

Amid two intersecting crises in America – an opioid epidemic and mistreatment of emergency mental health calls – the federal government has awarded $5.6 million to better train rural emergency medical workers to reduce the impact of substance abuse and mental illness.... Read more»

Republicans hold the edge as Arizona redistricting nears completion

Democrats at the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission notched a rare win as the independent chairwoman sided with them on a starting point for the congressional map, only to see the GOP make gains when the new districts were unveiled.... Read more»

Colleges nationwide face rapid decline in male enrollment; U of A down slightly, ASU bucks trend

A generation of men are disappearing from colleges – a trend accelerated by the pandemic - women are enrolling and graduating at slightly higher levels than men at the University of Arizona and ASU bucks the trend, but the gender gap is growing at state community colleges.... Read more»

Inversión histórica ​​de dólares revitaliza a grupos artísticos en comunidades marginalizadas de Arizona

Durante la pandemia de COVID-19, muchos grupos artísticos se apagaron y el regreso fue todo menos seguro, pero el Plan de Rescate Estadounidense dio un impulso al Teatro Meshico y a otros pequeños grupos artísticos, muchos de ellos en comunidades marginadas.... Read more»

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