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COVID booster shots, protecting kids concern Pima officials as Delta scourges

Pima County is preparing for a rollout of third doses of the COVID-19 vaccine and doing everything it can to keep kids in class, Health Department officials said, as a third wave continues to spread the deadly Delta variant. ... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

Treat it like a brick: The vaccine is unaware that it is elitist

We each possess some sort of expertise society relies on to function. It’s just that dissing all of those experts feels more empowering than listening to others. Don't let that joy kill you. Physicians say the vaccine is safe. Meme writers and Internet influencers say it's not. Who do you believe?... Read more»

54% of Pima County has COVID shots; 62% of those old enough to get vaxxed

Pima County has vaccinated 563,402 people since the COVID shot program began in December 2020, covering about 54 percent of all county residents and 62 percent of those eligible for the vaccine. ... Read more»

Voices from Tucson's newly vaccinated: Why they're getting their COVID shots now

In Tucson people are still getting the COVID-19 vaccine as cases in Pima County continue to spike, and the level of community transmission has gone to "high" since the beginning of the month. TucsonSentinel.com spoke to them about why they're getting shots this week.... Read more»

Mitos y hechos sobre la vacunación contra COVID-19

Cinco mitos y hechos sobre la vacunación contra COVID-19 que debes saber si no estas vacunado ... Read more»

Guest opinion

Exhausted Tucson ER doc: Vaccine hesitation can be deadly, heartbreaking delay

"COVID-19 is not a theoretical concept - it's not an opinion - it's not a point of view - it's a disease," said Dr. Laura De La Torre, a hospitalist at Carondelet St. Mary's Hospital, and the way to fight a disease is to get vaccinated.... Read more»

Myths and facts about COVID-19 vaccination

In an effort to clear up misinformation about vaccines, The Boston Globe comprehensively debunks five myths about vaccines and other barriers to vaccination in the community. ... Read more»

Hesitant at first, they got vaccinated — and are glad they did

Over the past week, as the Delta variant continued to rise, The Boston Globe spoke to several people who for months were wary of the vaccine, and now that they‘ve got it, they don’t regret doing so — and are calling on others to get vaccinated, too.... Read more»

Guest opinion

Cullen: Superar la indecisión de vacunarse es clave para la recuperación posterior al COVID

El COVID-19 se está propagando de nuevo de manera rápida en el Condado Pima, con 145 casos por cada 100,000 habitantes la semana pasada. La propagación del virus ha aumentado el triple en las últimas dos semanas. Esto se debe a la propagación de la variante Delta, la cual es hasta seis veces más contagiosa que otras cepas del virus.... Read more»

Guest opinion

TMC chief: COVID vaccine critical as more young people & children are hospitalized

99% of those hospitalized and seriously ill during the recent surge in COVID-19 are unvaccinated, says Judy Rich, CEO and President of TMC HealthCare, and with more young people and children in the hospital, getting the vaccine is critical.... Read more»

Guest opinion

Cullen: Overcoming vaccine hesitancy key to post-COVID recovery

COVID-19 is again spreading fast in Pima County, with 145 cases per 100,000 population as of last week, and Dr. Theresa Cullen, director of the Pima County Health Department, is urging all residents to get vaccinated against the virus.... Read more»

Vaccine hesitancy among Black Americans stems from medical mistreatment, inequity

The centuries of historic mistreatment of Black Americans by the U.S. government and medical institutions, whether it was Henrietta Lacks’ stolen cells or the altered lives of hundreds of Black men in Tuskegee, impacted health and medical treatment during the pandemic.... Read more»

Globe editorial

La vacuna podría salvarnos, si lo permitimos

La muerte por COVID-19 ahora se puede prevenir en gran medida. Todos deben hacer su parte para lograr que más personas se vacunen. ... Read more»

Globe editorial

The COVID vaccine could save us, if we let it

Death from COVID-19 is now largely preventable. Everyone must do their part to get more people vaccinated.... Read more»

Convince an unvaccinated person? Advice from a hostage negotiator, a veteran UN peacekeeper, and a Girl Scout.

Months into the new epidemic of vaccine hesitancy, the battle lines have hardened and as cases and deaths mount, anger is building - and experts offer advice on how convince one of the estimated 93 million people in America who remain unvaccinated to get the vaccine.... Read more»

How much worse would Provincetown’s COVID-19 outbreak have been without vaccines?

At first blush, a wintertime conference in downtown Boston and a series of summer parties at the tip of Cape Cod don’t seem all that similar, but major COVID-19 outbreaks nearly a year and a half apart dramatically demonstrate the protective value of vaccinations.... Read more»