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U.S. Rep. Ron Barber speaks to reporters after the sentencing.

From the archive: Jan. 8 gunman Jared Loughner will spend the rest of his life behind bars. Several victims said at his sentencing hearing Thursday that he should spend his time remembering his crimes — among those who spoke was Mark Kelly, who stood in the courtroom with his wife, Gabrielle Giffords. Read more» 4

A federal judge has said it's up to the Pima County Sheriff's Department to release records related to the Jan. 8 shooting rampage, lifting a bar on the release of investigative records in the case. Those documents will take more than a week to organize and release, a spokesman said. Read more»

Gabrielle Giffords and Mark Kelly watch Space Shuttle Endeavour fly over Tucson from atop the UA Cherry Street parking garage in September.

Gabrielle Giffords will attend the sentencing of Jan. 8 gunman Jared Loughner on Thursday. Giffords' husband, Mark Kelly, will address Loughner on her behalf. Prison doctors have testified that the mentally ill Loughner has trouble believing that he did not assassinate Giffords. Read more»

Jared Lee Loughner after his arrest in the Jan. 8 mass shooting.

At the request of prosecutors, the sentencing hearing for Jan. 8 shooter Jared Loughner has been moved up to Thursday, Nov. 8. The gunman, who pleaded guilty last month to killing six and wounding 13 in an attempt to assassinate Gabrielle Giffords, had been scheduled to be sentenced Nov. 15. Read more»

Loughner the night of his arrest.

A just-released April report said Jan. 8 shooter Jared Loughner was competent to stand trial, but might not remain so. Loughner “does suffer from a severe mental illness,” it said, “and his condition may wax and wane. Consequently, the possibility exists that he may decompensate during the criminal process.” Read more» 1

Jared Loughner pleaded guilty Tuesday to 19 counts in the Jan. 8, 2011 shooting, under a plea agreement that will send him to prison for life. "I plead guilty," Loughner repeated slowly as the judge questioned him on each count. Read more» 3

Loughner the night of his arrest.

Accused Jan. 8 shooter Jared Loughner has requested a change of plea hearing, the judge in the case has confirmed. Read more» 1

Loughner the night of his arrest.

Accused Jan. 8 gunman Jared Loughner will plead guilty at a Tuesday court hearing in Tucson according to a report by the LA Times that cites anonymous sources familiar with the case. Read more» 1


Attorneys for alleged Jan. 8 shooter Jared Loughner appealed Wednesday to the 9th Circuit for a rehearing on whether he can be involuntarily medicated. Read more» 1


A federal court Monday rejected a string of appeals from Jared Lee Loughner and said he could continue to be medicated in an effort to restore him to mental competency. Read more» 2


Ruling that "measurable progress" has been made in restoring accused Jan. 8 shooter Jared Loughner to competency, a federal judge said Monday that he should receive four more months of treatment in a prison hospital. Read more» 6

A psychologist says accused Jan. 8 gunman Jared Loughner is still incompetent to stand trial. While Loughner's mental state is improving, he should remain in a prison hospital for another four months, she said. His attorneys agreed. Read more» 5

Loughner, after his January arrest.

Accused Jan. 8 shooter Jared Lee Loughner told a prison psychologist that he doesn't want interviews with her videotaped, even as his lawyers are seeking a court order to have such examinations recorded. Read more» 1

Should accused Jan. 8 shooter Jared Lee Loughner continue to be medicated against his will, even though no court has ordered him forcibly drugged? The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals heard arguments on that question Tuesday. Read more»

Tucson's Evo A. DeConcini U.S. Courthouse, downtown.

Tucson's federal court will offer a remote viewing location for a Tuesday appeals court hearing on the continued involuntary medication of Jared Loughner. Read more» 2

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