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Private landlords have become the key to Arizona subsidized housing

Private landlords serve as gatekeepers for tenants who’ve received vouchers, but the majority of Arizona’s roughly two dozen public housing authorities, which manage the program for HUD, lack a formal process for approving private landlords.... Read more»

Congress might allow frustrated landlords to seek rent relief

A measure moving through the U.S. House of Representatives would allow landlords to apply without tenant approval for federal aid to cover back rent they are owed - more than 6 million households owed some $16.8 billion in rent debt, according to census data from early August.... Read more»

How COVID-19 pushed Americans to the brink of homelessness

Across the country, as many as 1 in 5 renters say they have fallen behind on rent during the pandemic, and for families who have no financial safety net to fall back on, the economic consequences of the coronavirus have pushed them to the precipice of homelessness.... Read more»

CDC eviction hold survives appeal to D.C. Circuit

The D.C. Circuit Court served defeat Friday to a group of landlords and realtors challenging the CDC’s fourth extension of the eviction ban - a decision that keeps the fourth extension of the moratorium alive pending a Supreme Court review primed to go a bit differently. ... Read more»

CDC asks judge to pause eviction moratorium suit

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention asked a federal judge Friday to enter an administrative stay of a case fighting its eviction moratorium, after a group of landlords asked the judge to immediately halt the new moratorium on Wednesday. ... Read more»

'Historic wave of evictions' expected when moratorium expires

The federal ban on evictions amid COVID-19 has been extended multiple times and may be about to enter its final month, and the country is facing what could be the worst housing crisis in decades. ... Read more»