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A Colorado River glossary: Jargon explained

Discussions about the Colorado River basin - facing a make-or-break moment when arid states begin to reckon with a drier future - are filled with technical jargon and unfamiliar acronyms, but an understanding of key terms can demystify the language. ... Read more»

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Searing heat spotlights West’s long-term water woes

The effects of the drought have heightened concerns over the long-range availability of water as the nation’s two largest reservoirs - Lake Mead and Lake Powell - each have fallen to barely over a fourth of their capacity, threatening the future of water supplies.... Read more»

Big water pipelines, an old pursuit, still alluring in drying West

There is a call across the country’s Western drylands as a drought response to revive a well-worn but risky tactic: building water pipelines to tap remote groundwater basins and reservoirs to feed fast-growing metropolitan areas, or to supply rural towns that lack a reliable source.... Read more»

Proportionate limits may float Colorado River users through water crisis

If Colorado River stakeholders continue using water at current rates, water levels in lakes Mead and Powell may soon drop too low to produce hydropower, and while the solution - use less water - is painfully obvious, how to actually implement changes remains a turbulent issue. ... Read more»

Feds will cut states' access to Colorado River water

With most of the West in severe drought, top federal water officials are warning Western states that there will be cuts to their access to Colorado River water next year - reducing water access by between 2 - 4 million acre-feet across seven states that rely on it.... Read more»

Feds warn Colorado River water could be cut as drought worsens

The federal agency in charge of managing much of the West's water warned Tuesday that it will act unilaterally to reduce water usage in the Colorado River Basin if state and tribal leaders can't reach an agreement this summer.... Read more»

Hydropower’s future clouded by drought, floods & climate change – it’s also essential to U.S. electric grid

The water in Lake Powell has fallen so low amid the Western drought that federal officials are resorting to emergency measures to avoid shutting down hydroelectric power at the Glen Canyon Dam - and it isn’t the only U.S. hydropower plant in trouble.... Read more»

Tucson offers to turn off tap on some Colorado River water to try to save Lake Mead

Tucson is offering to give up part of its Colorado River allotment to try to maintain water levels in Lake Mead, an important reservoir for Arizona and other Southwestern states that has been imperiled by drought. ... Read more»

Feds to take water from Wyoming to bolster Lake Powell

In a sign of how dire drought conditions have become in the American West, the Bureau of Reclamation will keep water in Lake Powell and add more water from the Flaming Gorge Reservoir upstream to stave off dropping water levels.... Read more»

States, feds weigh next steps amid 'profound concerns' over dam levels

Officials from the seven Colorado River basin states agreed Friday with a federal plan to sharply cut releases from Lake Powell, as both groups scramble to protect water supplies and power generation by propping up the lake’s level. ... Read more»

Guest opinion

Schaller: We're still in the dark as western water framework unravels

As Arizona’s Colorado River crisis becomes more intractable, I wonder what it will take for some honest information on the extent of water shortage we’re facing. It would be nice to have a community conversation before the next tier of rationing hits.... Read more»

Arizona experimentará otra primavera más cálida y seca debido a las condiciones de sequía

Los arizonenses que esperan un descanso esta primavera de la sequía que afecta al estado se sentirán decepcionados, ya que los climatólogos piden condiciones de sequía menores a excepcionales, lo que se llama la "nueva normalidad" del estado.... Read more»

Arizona to endure another hot, dry spring as droughts persist

Arizonans hoping for a break this spring from the drought gripping the state will be disappointed, with climatologists calling for minor to exceptional drought conditions, what one calls the state’s “new normal.” ... Read more»

Sequía en Lago Powell amenaza la producción de energía y el suministro de agua

Los niveles de agua en el lago Powell, el segundo embalse más grande de los EE. UU., han caído por debajo de los 3525 pies, un nivel crítico que amenaza el suministro de agua y la hidroelectricidad de Arizona para millones de personas.... Read more»

Drop in Lake Powell could threaten Arizona power production as well as water supplies

Water levels on Lake Powell, the second largest reservoir in the U.S., have dropped below 3,525 feet – a critical level that threatens water supplies and hydroelectricity for millions of people. The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation had predicted the threshold wouldn’t be reached until August. ... Read more»

Report says drought may be worst in 1,200 years, little relief in sight

The megadrought that’s gripped Arizona and the Southwest since 2000 is the driest in more than 1,200 years, and it is likely to continue for the near future, and historic low water levels at Lake Mead and Lake Powell have triggered the state’s drought contingency plan.... Read more»

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