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As holiday crowds packed tourist spots, fears rose of COVID-19 spread

Memorial Day weekend crowds that one official said were “off the charts” at Arizona vacation spots have health experts worried that tourist behavior could lead to an increase of COVID-19 of cases.... Read more»

Arizonans keep watchful eyes on bald eagles nesting near humans

Across Arizona, humans are keeping a sharp eye on bald eagle nests that are close to areas with high recreational traffic. ... Read more»

Bald eagle web cam at Lake Pleasant captures real-time drama of survival

Laying eggs, killer ravens and awaiting hatching are all there for the binge watching of eagles' nest at Lake Pleasant.... Read more»

All that rain had little impact on Phx reservoirs

Those who endured last week's record-breaking rain in the Valley won't get much of a payoff at their taps. That's because the storm didn't have a measurable effect on area reservoirs. ... Read more»

Grants aim to improve boating facilities in Arizona

Before 1992, many boaters at Lake Pleasant had to make a tough decision when nature called: head to a restroom back at the launch ramp or, well, take care of things on the water. Thanks to a federal grant programs, boaters now can make use of far more convenient bathrooms built on a makeshift island as well as improved facilities for offloading sewage from boats.... Read more»