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'Dog-flipping' on the rise as more Americans seek companionship during pandemic

Nationwide lockdowns in the past year have driven demand for companionship from man’s best friend during the pandemic, and shelters across the country have seen spikes in dog adoptions and fosters. But some pricey and popular canines are being ripped away from their intended forever homes and sold to unsuspecting buyers. ... Read more»

Think again

A real Tea (pity) Party

If the media is out to get the Tea Party, they are sure being kind about it.... Read more»

Lady Gaga announces summer tour, debuts scandalous video

Rolling Stone reports that Lady Gaga's "Monster Ball" arena tour will crisscross North America this summer. Gaga's video collaboration with Beyonce, "Telephone," premiered last week to much fanfare, and is as strange or stranger than anything she has done yet.... Read more»1