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In Texas, calls to boost U.S. oil production after Russian invasion run into hard realities

In Texas’ Permian Basin — the nation’s most productive oil region and the place that would have to lead any jump in U.S. production — people in the industry, energy analysts and local leaders say there’s no quick or easy way to crank up American energy production ... Read more»

Why you can’t find cheap at-home COVID tests

American consumers have few options for cheap tests that quickly screen for the COVID-19 infection, though they are widely available in Europe - and experts say the FDA’s approach to clearing rapid tests and manufacturing bottlenecks are to blame.... Read more»

Trump signs new trade deal with Canada and Mexico

President Donald Trump on Wednesday officially signed the new trade agreement between the U.S., Mexico and Canada, finalizing a deal that overhauls labor, environmental and intellectual property rules. ... Read more»

Study: Childbirth takes longer today than 50 years ago

American women spend, on average, two hours longer in childbirth today than they did 50 years ago, according to a new study.... Read more»

Think again

Labor and the 'civil right' to organize

It's no wonder that organized labor finds itself on the ropes in almost every respect these days. Labor has not only found itself buffeted by economic winds and relentless attack but also been forced to fight back with arms tied behind its metaphorical back.... Read more»3

Smart v. Stupid

The Republican conspiracy to cut your wages

Smart v. Stupid: Republicans are aiming to end retirement so they can depress wages for everyone.... Read more»

Proposition 113

Out-of-state group backs effort to require secret ballot in union votes

The fate of a ballot measure that would require secret ballots to form unions may hinge on whether voters think unions or employers are bigger bullies to workers.... Read more»

Arizona could get Chavez national park

The National Park Service is studying sites – including one in Arizona – for a possible national landmark or park in honor of labor leader Cesar Chavez. ... Read more»

Silicon Sweatshops: Another black eye for Apple supplier

A Taiwanese manufacturer that makes LCD screens and components for tech giants like Apple confirmed Thursday that more of its workers in China were sickened by chemical exposure than it previously reported.... Read more»


Business gears up to fight new workplace safety rule

As the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the White House are trying to minimize their differences, a brewing battle at OSHA over a workplace injury reporting rule illustrates how tough that could become given the administration's pro-labor leanings.... Read more»