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Pima court admin Lisa Royal resigns after judges vote 'no confidence'

Lisa Royal, who pleaded guilty to a DUI earlier this year, has resigned as the chief administrator of Pima County's Justice Court after judges voted last month that they had "no confidence" in her.... Read more»

Az governor orders evictions delayed due to CV-19 outbreak

Arizona renters undergoing hardships because of the coronavirus outbreak can't be evicted — at least not immediately, Gov. Doug Ducey ordered Tuesday. The governor ordered evictions be delayed for at least 120 days.... Read more»

Justice Court halting evictions & misdemeanor trials for CV-19 outbreak, but one judge won't go along

All possible criminal and civil cases in Pima County Consolidated Justice Courts have been ordered to be delayed for at least a month, including criminal misdemeanors and eviction cases. But one justice of the peace is refusing to go along with the plan.... Read more»

County courts suspend jury trials, courthouse weddings due to coronavirus

While various courts in Pima County are remaining open, jury trials are being delayed because of the COVID-19 outbreak. Some hearings will only take place via telephone, and anyone feeling ill can request a delay in a court hearing.... Read more»

Pima court admin arrested on DUI charge handed deputy credit card instead of license

Pima court administrator Lisa Royal was arrested on suspicion of DUI after a breath test indicated she had a blood alcohol level of 0.115; she couldn't complete field sobriety tests; and handed a sheriff's deputy a credit card instead of her driver's license.... Read more»

Bryson appointed Pima County presiding judge

Judge Kyle A. Bryson has been named as the presiding judge of the Superior Court in Pima County, succeeding Judge Sarah R. "Sally" Simmons. ... Read more»