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Kari Lake at a 2022 campaign event in Tucson.

A judge rejected on Monday claims by failed GOP candidate Kari Lake of misconduct in the 2022 election, again affirming that Democratic Gov. Katie Hobbs was elected Arizona governor last November. Read more»

Kari Lake at a 2022 campaign even in Tucson.

After the conclusion of a three-day trial, it’s now up to Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson to decide if Kari Lake and her lawyers have proven their case in their second election challenge trial in Thompson’s courtroom. Read more»

Judge Peter Thompson said he was giving Lake’s lawyers some wide latitude because he did not want to risk the appeals or Supreme Court remanding the case back to him a third time.

During the second day of her second trial aiming to overturn the 2020 election, Kari Lake’s attorneys attempted to prove Maricopa County did not do any certification whatsoever before approving ballots - though her own witnesses on the first day of the trial testified to the opposite. Read more»

Before the trial that began Wednesday, Thompson put Lake on notice that, to win her case, she would have to prove that Maricopa County conducted no signature verification efforts.

Kari Lake called multiple witnesses in her second election challenge trial on Wednesday whose testimony seemed to directly undermine her claim that Maricopa County did not perform signature verification for early ballots in the November 2022 election. Read more»

The Arizona Supreme Court in March dismissed all of Lake’s claims except for one, regarding signature verification processes, which it sent back to the trial court for review, saying that the lower court had improperly dismissed it.

The Arizona Supreme Court sanctioned the lawyers representing failed Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake for making false statements in her lawsuit aimed at overturning her loss in last year’s election. Read more»

Lake during a campaign stop in Tucson.

Gov. Katie Hobbs and Secretary of State Adrian Fontes want the Arizona Supreme Court to sanction Kari Lake for peddling “frivolous conspiracy theories” in Arizona courts, while Lake keeps asking the court to reconsider her arguments that it has already dismissed. Read more»

Kari Lake at a 2022 campaign even in Tucson.

Kari Lake and her lawyers are asking the Arizona Supreme Court not to sanction them for their election challenge case because Lake “honestly believes that electoral misconduct and illegal votes determined the outcome of the 2022 gubernatorial election.” Read more»

All three defendants in the case called out Lake and her legal team for both misrepresenting evidence and presenting new claims, something generally not allowed in the appeals process.

Maricopa County, Adrian Fontes and Katie Hobbs filed biting responses to failed gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake’s petition asking the Arizona Supreme Court to take up her election case, and Hobbs and Fontes asked for sanction for bringing a suit based on frivolous claims. Read more»

Although Lake had promised to seek an expedited review from the Supreme Court, her pleading does not ask for one. Barring that, the response from the state and county will not be due until April 3.

Kari Lake, the failed Republican candidate for governor, has asked the Arizona Supreme Court to review the decisions in her election contest case after the case was shot down by both the Maricopa County Superior Court and Arizona Court of Appeals. Read more»

Kari Lake at a 2022 campaign event in Tucson.

The Arizona Supreme Court struck down Kari Lake’s second request for the high court to take up her election appeal currently being heard by the Arizona Court of Appeals - where she is arguing the original trial judge set too high a bar and hopes to introduce new evidence. Read more»

More than $433,000 of that was spent on 'telemarketing/auto dialers,' and nearly one in every three dollars Lake's campaign spent went to a Virginia-based marketing and communications firm.

Former television news anchor turned MAGA star Kari Lake raised $2,515,169 after the Arizona governor's election to continue her legal fight against her election loss - but less than 10% of her post-election haul was spent to contest the election. Read more»

Kari Lake and her lawyers will not face sanctions for bringing a suit that challenged her loss in the race for Arizona governor, a Maricopa County Superior Court judge ruled Tuesday.  Read more»

Kari Lake at a campaign event in Tucson.

The judge in Kari Lake’s election lawsuit challenging the outcome of the midterm governor’s race had not issued a decision as of early Friday morning, after both sides rested their cases on Thursday.  Read more»

Lake’s attorneys are attempting to prove that a Maricopa County employee intentionally tampered with Election Day ballot-on-demand printers at voting centers and that Maricopa County failed to follow chain-of-custody rules for early ballots dropped off on Election Day.

Kari Lake’s legal team failed to provide a smoking gun on the first day of trial in her election suit to in an effort to prove her claims that a Maricopa County employee tampered with ballot printers or intentionally failed to follow chain-of-custody rules.  Read more»