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State Constable Ethics Board investigating Pima County's Martinez over election violation claims

Arizona's Constable Ethics, Standards and Training Board decided Friday to launch an investigation into accusations against Deborah Martinez that include forging signatures for her nominating petitions and lying about living in her precinct. ... Read more»

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Fraud, perjury allegations probed against Pima Constable Deborah Martinez

Pima County officials are looking into claims that Constable Deborah Martinez forged signatures on her election nominating petitions and lied about where she was living, saying "there is a reason to believe felony offenses may have occurred."... Read more»

New Pima County constable replacing 'rebel eviction enforcer' calls for unity among colleagues

The new Pima County constable for Precinct 8 in Midtown, where "rebel eviction enforcer" Kristen Randall served until resigning in January, is calling on her coworkers to work together to help constables "do right by the people."... Read more»

The Tucson agenda

Things universally loved: Pima County takes up mask mandates, voting convenience

Grab your musket and tri-cornered hat. Pima County supervisors will vote on extending COVID mask mandates and setting up "voting centers" for upcoming elections. Cue freakout in five, four, three ...... Read more»1

'Rebel' Pima Constable Randall resigns, citing 'great divide' between vision for post & 'archaic' practices

Pima County Constable Kristen Randall, known for her efforts to help people being evicted during the COVID pandemic and dubbed the "rebel eviction-enforcer," announced Monday that she's resigning.... Read more»1

Pima County taps former F-16 pilot Lake-Wright as new constable

Pima County has appointed William Lake-Wright, a former F-16 pilot and paramedic, to serve as the constable for the eastern part of the county, filling a seat left vacant. Some county leaders want to reform or even eliminate the elected Constables Office.... Read more»

Supreme Court strikes down COVID eviction halt; Az rent aid still slow to be provided

In a 6-3 order, the U.S. Supreme Court blocked the Biden administration's order extending a federal halt on evictions during the COVID-19 pandemic, writing that the CDC exceeded its authority by blocking the enforcement of evictions orders.... Read more»

Pima County offers legal, rent assistance to tenants & landlords

With the end of a national block on evictions Saturday, Pima County officials have created a new program to help renters facing eviction, offering legal aid along with rent and utility assistance. ... Read more»

Defeating despair: Pima constable's fight against growing eviction wave

Pima County Constable Kristen Randall works to keep residents in their homes as an end to the eviction moratorium looms. ... Read more»

CDC extends eviction halt in areas with 'substantial' COVID spread, including Pima County

The federal moratorium on evictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which expired over the weekend, was reinstated Tuesday by the CDC in areas with "high" or "substantial" continued spread of coronavirus — including Pima County.... Read more»

Otro mes para la moratoria de desalojo dará Pima mas tiempo para ayudar los inquilinos

Con la moratoria federal de desalojo extendido por otro mes, los funcionarios del Condado Pima tienen mas tiempo para conectar los inquilos con recursos para evitar desalojo. ... Read more»

Federal eviction hold extended, giving Pima officials more time to help residents at risk of eviction

With a federal block on evictions extended another 30 days, Pima County and Tucson officials have more time to connect residents and landlords to resources, including financial assistance. ... Read more»

Pima warns over 'catastrophic' COVID: Stay at home — even on Christmas

Tucson-area residents must stay at home as much as possible to halt the dangerous spike on COVID-19 cases, including skipping holiday gatherings with family, Pima County health and hospital officials said. ... Read more»

Az governor orders evictions delayed due to CV-19 outbreak

Arizona renters undergoing hardships because of the coronavirus outbreak can't be evicted — at least not immediately, Gov. Doug Ducey ordered Tuesday. The governor ordered evictions be delayed for at least 120 days.... Read more»

Justice Court halting evictions & misdemeanor trials for CV-19 outbreak, but one judge won't go along

All possible criminal and civil cases in Pima County Consolidated Justice Courts have been ordered to be delayed for at least a month, including criminal misdemeanors and eviction cases. But one justice of the peace is refusing to go along with the plan.... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

Az Legislature has work to do & social distancing should not apply to them

The Pima County constabulary's eviction strike is duct tape on a hemorrhage. Gov. Doug Ducey and the Legislature is going to have to work against form to get us through the coronavirus pandemic and its economic aftermath. ... Read more»

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