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'They’re scared': A look inside the COVID-19 crisis in Arizona prisons

As COVID-19 began to spread across the Southwest in March, lawyers representing incarcerated Arizonans reported “unsanitary conditions,” “inadequate medical staffing and treatment” and a “failure to take strong and sensible precautionary measures” in state prisons.... Read more»

Rumble in the desert: Arizona experiences hundreds of earth quakes every year

The Arizona Geological Survey notes hundreds of tiny temblors punctuated by some that can shake, if not rock, our world.... Read more»

Az business leaders say DACA repeal could have millions in economic impact

The Cato Institute predicted the repeal of DACA and the expense of immediate deportation would cost the federal government more than $60 billion, and the resulting loss of economic growth in the next decade will amount to $280 billion.... Read more»

Feds remove Hualapai Mexican vole from endangered species list

Federal officials said Friday they will remove the Hualapai Mexican vole from the endangered species list after 30 years, a move that one environmental group criticized as “premature” for an animal it says could still be at risk.... Read more»

Kingman ‘downwinders’ seek recognition from U.S. decades after atomic tests

Decades after atomic tests in Nevada spread radiation across much of the Southwest, the federal government has offered compensation to many so-called downwinders. Kingman residents, however, were not among that group. And they say they don't know why. ... Read more»

Gun Wars

Groups prepare to defend constitutional rights, themselves

Fear of the federal government’s interference with Second Amendment rights and suspicion that elected officials are ignoring the “will of the people” have provoked a resurgence of self-described patriots across the country who say they are preparing to defend themselves and their rights by any means necessary. ... Read more»3

Court upholds death sentences in Grasshopper Junction murders

A federal appeals court Monday upheld convictions and death sentences for two brothers in the 1991 slayings of a pair of store owners in Grasshopper Junction near Kingman.... Read more»

Interior Dep't gives OK for wind-power project in Mohave County

The Department of the Interior on Friday approved a 500-megawatt wind-power farm near Kingman, a project that could cost up to $800 million and bring hundreds of construction jobs to the Mohave County area.... Read more»

Interstate 11

Study moves highway between Valley, Las Vegas closer to reality

The Arizona Department of Transportation is undertaking a two-year study of a proposed highway — Interstate 11 — linking the Phoenix metro area with Las Vegas.... Read more»

For Arizonans at Dem convention, interests vary but goal the same

With the GOP holding most state and congressional offices, it isn't always easy to be a Democrat in Arizona. That's one reason delegates are happy to be arriving in Charlotte, N.C., for the Democratic National Convention. They're set for a week of meetings, events and speeches.... Read more»

Rain halts convention, but doesn’t stop GOP conventioneers

The politicking went on as usual Monday for Arizona delegates at the Republican National Convention, despite some events being canceled because of the weather. ... Read more»1


Area leaders pressing for ‘river district’ in western Arizona

Some leaders in western Arizona are pushing for a new congressional district that encompasses the Colorado River along the California line. Critics say the district would be too large, and encompass urban areas that would undermine its rural character.... Read more»

Special report

Medical marijuana challenges some rural views of community

Arizona's new medical marijuana law has created planning headaches and economic opportunities in rural areas.... Read more»

Kingman hopes Hoover Dam bypass opens economic floodgate

The roughly six-mile bypass on U.S. Route 93 is touted as a way to improve safety and commuting time for 14,000 motorists daily, but government officials and Kingman businesses are anticipating an economic boost.... Read more»