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Affordable Care Act sign-ups continued surge in Arizona, U.S. in April

Health care coverage in Arizona under the Affordable Care Act is at its highest level in three years, as enrollment continued to climb in April during a special open enrollment period, according to the latest government data. ... Read more»

Ahead of ‘public charge’ change, advocates struggle to keep Hispanic families enrolled in benefits

Advocates nationwide have been sounding the alarm over a Trump administration change to the so-called “public charge” rule – guidelines used to determine whether immigrants seeking legal status are likely to be a burden on the country’s resources. The update allows immigration officers to consider applicants’ use of certain public benefits, including Medicaid, in deciding to grant green cards, visas and changes in residency.... Read more»

As federal shutdown looms, Az legislators OK KidsCare funding

Health insurance for thousands of low-income children in Arizona’s KidsCare program would be preserved, even if federal funds are yanked, under a measure approved Thursday by an Arizona legislative committee.... Read more»

St. Elizabeth's assisting with KidsCare signups

KidsCare, low-cost children's health insurance, is available in Arizona again after enrollment was frozen in 2010. St. Elizabeth's Health Center is offering free enrollment assistance to families interested in the program. Those who apply this month could get coverage as early as September 1. ... Read more»

Arizona’s proposal to restart KidsCare wins federal approval

The state froze its participation in the Children's Health Insurance Program in the midst of the recession in 2009. Officials say as many as 40,000 children from low- and middle-income families may gain coverage.... Read more»

Arizona joins rest of U.S. in restoring health insurance program for children

Gov. Doug Ducey signed into law on Friday a bitterly contested proposal that will restore a federal health insurance program for children from low-income families, making it the last of its 49 counterparts to join the program.... Read more»

Capitol roundup: KidsCare, reporters return, bill updates

Legislators still have not presented their response to the budget. Instead the major news at the Capitol this week revolved around the House of Representatives temporarily suspending new security protocols that barred reporters from the floor.... Read more»

Arizona continues to fare poorly in national child well-being scorecard

Despite making progress in most areas, Arizona remained mired at 46th among states for overall child well-being in the 2015 KidsCount report by the Annie E. Casey Foundation.... Read more»

KidsCare freeze, AHCCCS glitch mean health-care struggle

After months of trying, A Tucson family learned that they could enroll in Medicaid to help cover their daughter's lupus.... Read more»

KidsCare freeze puts Az in spotlight

After freezing KidsCare enrollment in 2010, Arizona's children’s health insurance program barely has a pulse. Experts will likely look to Arizona, the only state without an active CHIP program, for clues as programs nationwide come up for renewal next year. ... Read more»

State gets go-ahead for more Medicaid changes

The federal government Friday approved a handful of changes to Arizona’s Medicaid program that state officials said could help extend health coverage to more than 20,000 low-income children.... Read more»

Az partnership to provide health care to thousands of kids

Three state health institutions will put up $113 million, subject to the federal government matching those funds $2 for $1, to improve medical care for children of the working poor, Gov. Jan Brewer said Monday.... Read more»

Health coverage for Az's children among lowest in nation

Children were less likely to have health insurance in Arizona than in any state except Texas or Nevada, according to data released Thursday by the Census Bureau.... Read more»

Children falling off KidsCare insurance rolls

The number of children enrolled in a state-federal health insurance program for youth on the brink of poverty has plummeted from a peak of 66,317 in May 2008 to 16,662 this month, the lowest level since 1999.... Read more»


.45 caliber health care

Arizona ranks among the lowest-performing states in the United States for children's health coverage.... Read more»5

Arizona bottoms out in children's health care ranking

Arizona ranks among the lowest-performing states in the nation for children's health coverage, riding the bottom line for access, affordability and equity, according to a national report. The state ranked 49th overall.... Read more»