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New law could keep police officers off Arizona’s ‘Brady list’

With roughly 1,400 Arizona officers on some form of a Brady list with but no statewide accounting of dishonest officers, police officers accused of misconduct will have a chance to appeal before they’re put on a “bad cops” list under a new state law.... Read more»

Arizona House passes measure opposing D.C. statehood

Congress had yet to even schedule a hearing on a measure granting statehood to the District of Columbia when a panel of state lawmakers in Arizona voted in February to take a stand against D.C.’s plea to become the 51st state. rom their committee room some 2,300 miles from the nation’s capital, members of Arizona’s House Government & Elections Committee weighed in on the brewing statehood debate with a resolution declaring formal opposition. ... Read more»

Arizona bill would let dishonest cops appeal placement on Brady List

A bill that would allow law enforcement agents to appeal being placed on a list of dishonest officers cleared another hurdle on its way to becoming law, despite concerns from Maricopa County prosecutors. ... Read more»

Ethics complaints filed over GOP anti-LGBTQ comments

Republican state Reps. John Fillmore and Kevin Payne are both facing ethics complaints for anti-LGBTQ and discriminatory comments made Wednesday during a Government and Elections Committee meeting, including referring to the child of a community member testifying virtually as "it".... Read more»