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House OKs bill to ban mining on 1 million acres around Grand Canyon

The House voted Friday to permanently ban new mining claims on more than 1 million acres around Grand Canyon National Park, with supporters calling protection of the landmark canyon a “moral issue.” The bill would make permanent a current mining moratorium that is scheduled to run through 2032. ... Read more»

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Biden firm on uranium-mining ban around ‘jewel’ of the Grand Canyon

In August, Biden called the Grand Canyon an “irreplaceable jewel” and blasted the Trump administration’s uranium mining plan, saying he would focus instead on developing clean energy. ... Read more»

Arizona continues push to open new uranium mines near Grand Canyon

Arizona officials continue to support a federal court battle to allow new uranium mining operations on a million acres surrounding the Grand Canyon.... Read more»

Judge upholds 20-year ban on new uranium mines near Grand Canyon

A federal judge Tuesday upheld the U.S. Department of the Interior’s 20-year ban on adding new uranium mines on 1 million acres near the Grand Canyon, rejecting a claim by a coalition of mining industry groups that the move is a violation of their rights.... Read more»

Attorneys spar over withdrawing Grand Canyon-area land from uranium mining

A lawyer representing the Havasupai Tribe and environmental groups says the decision to withdraw 1 million acres around the Grand Canyon from new uranium-mining claims for 20 years will protect cultural and natural resources. Mining groups say the move interferes with their rights. ... Read more»

Grijalva presses for answers on sale of wild horses

Two congressmen wrote to the Department of Interior this week to demand information on the progress of its investigation into whether more than 1,700 federally protected wild horses sold to a Colorado man may have been illegally sent to slaughter.... Read more»

Feds map 200k acres of Az public land with renewable energy potential

Nearly 200,000 acres are covered by the U.S. Interior Department announcement, which follows a three-year statewide environmental review. A federal official calls the designation a "go-to map" for those looking to develop large-scale solar and wind energy in Arizona. ... Read more»

Secretary Grijalva? Az lawmaker cool to effort pushing him as Interior chief

A coalition of more than 200 environmental and conservation groups urged President Obama to nominate Rep. Raúl Grijalva as the next Interior Secretary. Even though the current secretary hasn’t said he’s leaving. And Grijalva was passed over for the job four years ago. And his office said he’s “not considering a career change.” But the groups said Grijalva “exemplifies the modern and forward-thinking vision” of the department... Read more»6

Salazar moves to tighten wild horse sale rules

Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar says he will tighten regulations of the federal government's wild horse program, restricting the number of horses people can buy and making it easier for the government to prosecute buyers who sell mustangs to slaughter. ... Read more»1

Obama cites gains, pledges action at tribal conference

President Barack Obama told tribal leaders from across the nation Wednesday that while gains have been made in Indian Country in his first four years in office, more work needs to be done. (with video)... Read more»

Feds streamline leasing rules to ease development on tribal lands

The Interior Department unveiled a streamlined process last week for approving leases on tribal lands that federal officials hope will spur development by replacing outdated and unresponsive 50-year-old regulations.... Read more»

Historic $3.4 billion settlement clears way for tribal payments

Native Americans could start getting payments by the end of this year from a historic $3.4 billion settlement of tribal claims that the federal government mismanaged trust funds for years, an attorney said this week.... Read more»

U.S.-Mexico officials hail Colorado River water pact

Business and environmental groups both hailed an agreement last week that will allocate more Colorado River water to the U.S. in exchange for helping Mexico repair earthquake-damaged irrigation canals.... Read more»

Wild horse buyer under Colorado, federal investigation

A southern Colorado man under investigation for his handling of protected wild horses has admitted to state regulators that he shipped animals out of Colorado in violation of brand inspection laws, officials said. ... Read more»

Two more Az sites win historic landmark status

The Department of the Interior has declared two Arizona sites national historic landmarks – one from the state’s prehistory and the other from a darker time in modern history.... Read more»

All the missing horses: Are mustangs being sold for slaughter?

What happened to the wild horses Tom Davis bought from the government? The BLM has sold Davis at least 1,700 wild horses and burros since 2009, — 70 percent of the animals purchased through its sale program.... Read more»11

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