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Supreme Court sends Biden admin's push to end 'remain in Mexico' back to Texas judge

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled Thursday that the Biden administration has the right to end a Trump-era immigration policy that forces asylum-seekers to wait in Mexico as their cases make their way through U.S. immigration courts.... Read more»

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Sunshine Week

Foilies 2022: Recognizing the year’s worst in government transparency

Each year during Sunshine Week (March 13-19), the Foilies serve up tongue-in-cheek "awards" for government agencies and assorted institutions that stand in the way of access to information. The Electronic Frontier Foundation and MuckRock combine forces to collect horror stories about Freedom of Information Act and state-level public records requests across the U.S.... Read more»

Texas governor touts success of border crackdown

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott boasted Thursday about the amount of fentanyl seized and the number of undocumented immigrants arrested since a border crackdown a year ago - yet many immigrants have had cases dismissed and six National Guard soldiers have died during the deployment.... Read more»

Texas sues CDC to stop mask mandates on planes

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and U.S. Rep. Beth Van Duyne, R-Irving, are suing the Biden administration to end mask mandates on planes that requires travelers to wear masks while using public transportation services or facilities, including airports and subway stations. ... Read more»

Texas, 7 other states, sue Biden administration over immigration program

Eight states filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration, seeking to stop the administration's use of the Central American Minor Program that allows migrants from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras to petition the government to have their children resettled with them. ... Read more»

State statutes could protect families if Indian Child Welfare Act is overturned

A Texas challenge to the federal Indian Child Welfare Act at the Supreme Court might not be entirely successful in at least nine states where state laws impose similar restrictions on the adoption of Indigenous children by non-Native parents. ... Read more»

Texas AG Paxton vows to take fight against federal vaccine mandate to Supreme Court

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton pledged to take his fight against a federal COVID-19 vaccine mandate to the Supreme Court after the 6th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals ruled in a 2-1 vote that the mandate set by the Biden administration could go back into effect.... Read more»

5th Circuit: Biden administration must continue 'Remain in Mexico' program

A 5th Circuit panel late Monday rejected the Biden administration’s efforts to end a Trump-era immigration policy that forces some asylum seekers to wait in Mexico for resolution of their cases, a week after the government restarted the program in compliance with an injunction. ... Read more»

“I thought he was going to kill me”: Migrants say return of Trump-era border policy will put asylum seekers in danger

A Cuban woman sent to Ciudad Juárez after seeking asylum in El Paso was raped as she waited for her U.S. court date - now, she worries more migrants could be victims of violence as the Biden administration revives the "remain in Mexico" program. ... Read more»

Biden's COVID-19 vaccine rules for big businesses temporarily blocked by federal appeals court

Republicans on Saturday claimed an early victory after a U.S. federal appeals court temporarily blocked the Biden administration from mandating that companies with more than 100 employees require workers to get coronavirus vaccines or submit to weekly testing.... Read more»

Texas Attorney General Paxton sues Biden admin to force construction of border wall

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt argue that Biden can’t legally stop border wall construction after Congress dedicated money for the project - they previously sued the administration to force it to restore the “remain in Mexico” policy. ... Read more»

5th Circuit temporarily reinstates controversial Texas abortion ban

Texas’ controversial abortion law, the Texas Heartbeat Act, has been lifted from a temporary restraining order issued by a federal judge earlier last week after the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals struck down the order blocking enforcement of the law Friday evening.... Read more»

'God’s will Is being thwarted:' Even in solid Republican counties, hard-liners seek more partisan control of elections

Hood County stands out because it offers a rare view into the distrust and political pressure facing elections administrators even in communities that Trump safely won, and also represents the escalation to replace independent administrators with more actively partisan election officials.... Read more»

Fifth Circuit halts order for Biden to step up deportations

A federal judge erred in blocking the Biden administration’s policies guiding which undocumented immigrants it is prioritizing to arrest for deportations, a Fifth Circuit panel ruled - one month after a different panel declined to stay another order for the restart of Trump's MPP.... Read more»

Texas lawmakers’ approach to skirting Roe v. Wade leaves abortion rights advocates without a legal playbook

Most abortions previously performed in the state are now outlawed through a mechanism that makes providers and those who help people get abortions subject to lawsuits, and that unique approach has so far allowed Texas to flout Roe v. Wade and other legal rulings.... Read more»

Justice Dep't sues Texas over governor's order for law enforcement to pull over vehicles with migrants

The U.S. Department of Justice is suing Texas over Gov. Greg Abbott's order allowing state troopers to reroute civilian vehicles back to their origin point or a port of entry, or seize the vehicles, if police suspect the driver is transporting migrants who have COVID-19. ... Read more»

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