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Nativist Republicans call on Arizona Gov. Ducey to militarize border to stop 'invasion'

Ken Cuccinelli - a top Citizenship and Immigration Services official in Donald Trump’s administration - spoke at the Arizona Capitol while flanked by several Republican state legislators to urge Gov. Doug Ducey to use Arizona’s National Guard to turn immigrants back at the border. ... Read more»

Federal judge denies Brnovich injunction over Biden's deportation pause

A federal judge in Arizona on Thursday said she’ll deny a request from state Attorney General Mark Brnovich to issue a preliminary injunction prohibiting the federal government from enforcing a temporary pause on deportations. ... Read more»

Arizona AG demands Biden roll back deportation halt, but validity of Trump admin deal is questioned

Arizona's Attorney General Mark Brnovich demanded the Biden administration stick to an agreement signed by Homeland Security officials in the final days of the Trump administration, which requires the federal government to consult state officials before implementing new immigration policies.... Read more»

Wolf quits as Homeland Security chief after judge's order over asylum claims

Recent court rulings over the validity of Chad Wolf's tenure as the head of Homeland Security, including a series of policies designed to clamp down on asylum along the U.S.-Mexico border, have forced the acting secretary to resign. ... Read more»

Young immigrants in New York file new challenge to protect DACA

A group of immigrants in New York have asked a federal judge to invalidate a July 28 memo that restricts DACA, and force the government to again process first-time applications, advance parole requests, and renewals under the terms of the original immigrant protection program.... Read more»

Federal judge issues nationwide ban on immigration welfare rule amid pandemic

A federal judge in New York issued a nationwide injunction Wednesday barring enforcement of a Trump administration rule that prevents immigrants from qualifying for green cards or other visas if they are likely to become dependent on government benefits.... Read more»1

Trump administration again moves to dismantle DACA

The Trump administration moved to roll back Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, which currently protects about 644,000 'Dreamers' from deportation, in a move that flouts a federal court order that required new applications to be accepted. ... Read more»

Court ruling on Cuccinelli reverses – for now – limits on asylum claims

One of the first things Ken Cuccinelli did after being named acting director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services was to issue a directive sharply cutting the amount of time migrants have to make their case for asylum. One problem – Cuccinelli was not legally the acting director, a court ruled.... Read more»

Ahead of ‘public charge’ change, advocates struggle to keep Hispanic families enrolled in benefits

Advocates nationwide have been sounding the alarm over a Trump administration change to the so-called “public charge” rule – guidelines used to determine whether immigrants seeking legal status are likely to be a burden on the country’s resources. The update allows immigration officers to consider applicants’ use of certain public benefits, including Medicaid, in deciding to grant green cards, visas and changes in residency.... Read more»

Dems roast CIS head over plan to end 'medical deferred action'

The acting director of Citizenship and Immigration Services insisted to a House panel that there are no new plans to end “medical deferred action,” but Democrats called the administration “cruel” for considering the notion in the first place.... Read more»

'Repugnant to the American dream': Federal judges block Trump immigration policy change

Changes in the “public charge” immigration policy were temporarily blocked by federal judges in three states on Friday, days before they were set to go into effect this week.... Read more»

Arizona advocates, immigration lawyers call SCOTUS asylum ruling 'devastating' and a 'death knell'

A day after the Supreme Court decided to allow the Trump administration to deny asylum to immigrants who reach the southwestern border without seeking refuge in another country, immigration lawyers and advocates denounced the the policy. ... Read more»

'Shocking' decision to allow Trump administration to bar some asylum-seekers, activists say

Calling the decision "shocking" and "disappointing," immigration rights advocates and members of Congress sharply criticized the Supreme Court's decision to allow the Trump administration to deny asylum to immigrants who reach the southwestern border without seeking refuge in another country.... Read more»