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A dozen Arizona GOP lawmakers follow at least 1 far-right Facebook group

More than 1 in 5 Republican state lawmakers across the country have joined at least one far-right Facebook group, according to a new report, and in Arizona, 12 have done so — about 25% of the state’s GOP legislators.... Read more»

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What is white nationalism?

At the very core of white nationalism and white supremacy lies ethnocentrism that advocates for a white nation through the exclusion of people of color. That objective is carried along on revolutionary, anti-government themes.... Read more»

Constitutional ban on 'critical race theory' in Az schools, universities one vote away from November ballot

The proposed Republican constitutional amendment that would make it unconstitutional for Arizona public schools, colleges and universities to teach so-called “critical race theory” goes before the full Senate for vote, and if passed, it will go directly to the November ballot. ... Read more»

GOP senator cancels hearing over Maricopa County subpoena

Arizona GOP Sen. Kelly Townsend declared victory Monday, saying the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors has complied with her recent subpoena - while the county said it was already complying with a request from the Attorney General’s Office, which sought the same information.... Read more»

Proposed Arizona ballot measure restrictions appear dead for this year

Proposals that would have made it harder to get citizen initiatives on the Arizona ballot and harder for voters to enact them once they got there are unlikely to pass after missing key legislative deadlines. ... Read more»

Townsend issued election subpoena because she was 'tired of waiting' for the Arizona AG to act

An Arizona Republican senator subpoenaing the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors for election-related records said she did so because she was tired of waiting for Attorney General Mark Brnovich’s office to take action. ... Read more»

Here we go again: Townsend issues subpoena to Maricopa County for election records

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors is facing another legislative subpoena - issued by state Sen. Kelly Townsend - centering on records related to a dubious analysis conducted by someone who presented a series of debunked findings as part of last year’s so-called “audit” report.... Read more»

Arizona legislators take aim at mask mandates in schools

Arizona schools could have their hands tied in the future by a legislative proposal that prohibits the state, any government entity, school district or charter school from requiring minors to wear face coverings without the express consent from their parents. ... Read more»

Arizona state senators block a dozen GOP-sponsored election reform bills

The Arizona Senate blocked a sweeping slate of GOP-sponsored election reform bills Monday that many state Republicans claimed would have addressed concerns of election integrity, following the state's audit of the 2020 presidential election. ... Read more»

Kelly Townsend drops Az congressional bid to challenge Wendy Rogers

In what might be the closely watched legislative race of 2022, Sen. Kelly Townsend is withdrawing from her short-lived congressional campaign to challenge recently censured Sen. Wendy Rogers in the Republican primary.... Read more»

GOP bills to restrict some voter registrations clear Arizona Senate committee

Arizona Senate Republicans on Monday advanced bills on voter registration that critics say will discourage some younger people — particularly college students — from registering to vote. ... Read more»

Townsend drops Arizona House bid after rebuke of Rogers costs her Trump backing

Arizona Sen. Kelly Townsend, R-Mesa, dropped her bid for Congress Friday, after failing to get a “promised” endorsement from former President Donald Trump – and days after criticizing another Trump-backed candidate on the Senate floor. ... Read more»

In challenge to legal precedent, Arizona Republicans move to add ID check in federal elections

An Arizona House committee voted Wednesday to advance an election reform bill that would request a change to the federal elections voting form with an ID verification requirement - despite a previous court ruling that such a change violates federal law.... Read more»

Wendy Rogers refuses to condemn white nationalist leader after challenge from GOP senator

A day after the Arizona Senate voted to censure Flagstaff Republican Wendy Rogers, and even as colleagues challenged her to condemn comments she made at a white nationalist conference and as inflammatory social media posts, Rogers continued her praise of "groyper" Nick Fuentes. ... Read more»

Az GOP 'smart' ballot drop boxes come with a hefty price tag, if they’re ever created

Republicans hope to replace outside ballot drop boxes with “smart” boxes that don’t yet exist and will cost 500% more than the ones that Arizona counties already use, based on the unfounded claim that ballot-box stuffing helped steal the election from former President Trump.... Read more»

There’s no such thing as 'smart' ballot boxes. A GOP proposal would require them in Az

Early voters in Arizona would be barred from putting their ballots in mailboxes and would instead be required to put them in ballot drop boxes that would take a picture of every voter if under a Republican proposal that won preliminary approval last week. ... Read more»

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