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Bones, left, with Gov. Hobbs at the beginning of her term in January.

Allie Bones, the chief of staff to Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs, is the latest staffer to leave the 9th floor of the State Capitol, with her resignation "effective immediately." Read more»

Maricopa County asked that the court financially sanction Lake and her attorneys in an amount that the court determined was appropriate. They also are seeking for their attorneys’ fees to be paid by Lake and her attorneys in addition to the sanctions.

Kari Lake and her lawyers repeatedly lied to the court and misrepresented evidence during her election challenge trial last week and should be sanctioned for it, attorneys for Maricopa County wrote in a Tuesday filing. Read more»

Dershowitz argued that because he wasn’t involved in drafting the complaint or any of the subsequent filings, he thought it was clear that his involvement was limited - but his name was signed on a total of 15 filings in the case.

Attorney Alan Dershowitz, who worked on Kari Lake’s 2022 lawsuit aiming to ban the use of electronic vote machines in Arizona, says he shouldn’t face sanctions along with the rest of Lake’s counsel because of his "little involvement” in the case. Read more»

Gov. Katie Hobbs laughs during a press conference on April 12, outlining her accomplishments over her first 100 days in office.

Gov. Katie Hobbs was listed among two other notable Arizonans on a list of 500 people permanently barred from Russia in response to U.S. sanctions against the country amid its invasion of Ukraine. Read more»

Ever since former President Donald Trump began falsely claiming that voting machines had switched votes in favor of President Joe Biden, costing him the 2020 election, his supporters have been pushing states to ban electronic voting machines, claiming that hand-counting would make for safer elections.

A letter from Arizona GOP Senate Majority Leader Sonny Borrelli to all of the state’s 15 counties is sowing confusion over whether Arizona counties can still use machines to count ballots in future elections - but it changes nothing about existing laws governing election equipment. Read more»

Six other bills were rejected by Hobbs on Monday, bringing her running total for the year to 94, the most of any other governor before her, and with several more measures still awaiting a final decision, the Democrat is likely to break 100 soon.

Arizona Republicans seeking to restrict how trans and nonbinary students are spoken to by their teachers were rebuffed by Gov. Katie Hobbs, who vetoed a measure forcing teachers to secure parental permission before students could have their pronouns and chosen names used. Read more»

Kari Lake at a 2022 campaign event in Tucson.

A judge rejected on Monday claims by failed GOP candidate Kari Lake of misconduct in the 2022 election, again affirming that Democratic Gov. Katie Hobbs was elected Arizona governor last November. Read more»

In his letter sent to Arizona’s 15 counties, Borrelli states that Article 1, Section 4, Clause 1 of the U.S. Constitution gives state legislators the authority to make these sorts of changes to elections.

Claiming that a non-binding resolution overrides state law, Senate Majority Leader Sonny Borrelli declared that Arizona counties are barred from using machines to count ballots - an assertion quickly shot down by elections officials, the state's attorney general and county leaders. Read more»

The Lower Basin Plan would result in greater protections for Lake Mead and Lake Powell than the alternatives analyzed in the Draft Environmental Impact Statement.

Arizona, California and Nevada have agreed on a plan to conserve 3 million acre-feet from the Colorado River over the next three years, and the Lower Basin Plan has the support from all seven Colorado River Basin States. Read more»

So far this year, Hobbs has vetoed 86 bills, more than any other governor has vetoed in a single legislative session.

Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs shot down more than a dozen bills on Friday, including GOP-backed attempts to codify fetal personhood into state law, conspiracy-fueled election bills and attempts to restrict gubernatorial power. Read more»

The Biden administration has followed the expiration of Title 42 with new border restrictions aimed at stopping asylum-seekers from rushing over uncontrolled border areas.

The end of a pandemic-era policy that allowed U.S. border authorities to quickly turn back some migrants has prompted a mixed reaction from state and local governments, with new restrictions on immigrant workers, beefed up border enforcement and entreaties for more federal help. Read more»

Gov. Katie Hobbs vetoes a Republican-backed 'skinny budget' proposal on Feb. 16, 2023.

Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs on Tuesday used her veto stamp to reject Republican attempts to allow guns on college campuses and to permit shelters to discriminate against trans women. Read more»

Attorneys for Hamadeh excoriated Gov. Katie Hobbs and Maricopa County election officials for what they perceived as concealing information, but state law directs the secretary of state to deliver the results of the recount to a judge, and only the judge may announce those results.

Abraham Hamadeh’s third appeal to nullify the results of the race for Arizona attorney general he lost last year hinges on permission to inspect more ballots, which attorneys for his Democratic opponent say proves that his claims continue to be evidence-free. Read more»

Arizona Senate President Warren Petersen attempted to dismiss rumors the legislature intends to stay in session until late into the year, but said (we) 'need to see where we are with nominations and other business on June 12.'

The Arizona Legislature is taking another extended break, this time for four weeks, ostensibly to allow lawmakers time to shore up their work on various projects, the fourth extended break of at least a week since the legislative session began in January. Read more»

While the bills earned the approval of the Republican-majority legislature, Hobbs has vowed to reject any anti-LGBTQ measures that make it to the Ninth Floor and is certain to veto them.

Arizona Republicans sent a spate of anti-LGBTQ proposals to Gov. Katie Hobbs on Monday, forging ahead with the discriminatory legislation despite warnings that doing so endangers the lives of trans youth. Read more»

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