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State superintendent, activists condemn Arizona governor signing anti-trans legislation

State Superintendent Kathy Hoffman, human rights activists and parents sharply criticized Arizona lawmakers after Gov. Doug Ducey signed bills that would restrict the treatment trans youth could receive and limit what sports teams they could join.... Read more»

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Arizona teachers eligible for $14 million in classroom COVID relief grants

Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman has announced the Arizona Department of Education would distribute $14 million in federal COVID-19 relief funds to directly help Pre K through12th grade public school educators.... Read more»

El Senado de Arizona revoca gastos y recorta $1.2 mil millones de las escuelas públicas

Los senadores de Arizona autorizaron el lunes la anulación de un tope de gasto en educación que habría impedido el desembolso de $1.2 mil millones que ya están en las arcas escolares. ... Read more»

TUSD faces $58M cut - one of largest in state - as Arizona school funding cap looms

As an effort to lift a spending cap for Arizona schools stalled in the state Legislature, local leaders warned that allowing the bar to take effect would result in a "catastrophic cut" to education. ... Read more»

Az House passes measure to avoid school funding cuts, but Senate appears 1 GOP vote short

The push to temporarily raise Arizona’s spending limit for K-12 schools and avoid nearly $1.2 billion in cuts that could close classrooms passed easily in the state House of Representatives but stalled out in the Senate.... Read more»

Nearly $1.2 billion at risk for Arizona public schools if Legislature fails to override cap

The clock is running out for state legislators to override a cap on spending that would prohibit Arizona public school districts from disbursing nearly $1.2 billion that’s already been approved by the Legislature and budgeted. ... Read more»

Hoffman implores Az lawmakers to lift K-12 school spending cap to spare $1.1B in cuts

Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman used her annual State of Education address to urge Arizona lawmakers to raise a constitutional spending limit on K-12 schools before they face major budget cuts in a few weeks. ... Read more»

Push to repeal English-only education appears abandoned in 2022

After three consecutive years of Republican lawmakers championing a proposal to repeal the decades-old law that prohibits bilingual education for English-language learners in Arizona, it appears the effort won't get a push this legislative session.... Read more»

Renewal of Arizona's Indian Education Policy 'a step in the right direction' for Indigenous education

Native American educators praised the Arizona State Board of Education and the Department of Education for renewing the state’s Indian Education Policy last month, a move they say moves toward improving education for Indigenous students.... Read more»

Az Supreme Court rules laws blocking school vaccine & mask mandates were unconstitutionally passed

The Arizona Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that a series of laws barring schools from implementing COVID mask and vaccination mandates were unconstitutionally passed by the Arizona Legislature, as was a law meant to block teaching "critical race theory."... Read more»1

Tucson-area school districts celebrate ruling halting Az laws that blocked COVID mask mandates

Local schools, Pima County leaders and Democratic state legislators said that a judge made the "right call" with a Monday ruling that a series of laws passed by the Arizona Legislature barring schools from implementing COVID mask and vaccination mandates was unconstitutional. ... Read more»

Arizona judge strikes down bans on school mask mandates, critical race theory & more

A Maricopa County judge struck down a ban on public schools imposing face mask mandates and a host of other policy changes that lawmakers inserted into the Arizona state budget, and with them, may have forced a fundamental change in the way the Legislature does business.... Read more»

CDC: Arizona schools without required masks are 3.5 times more likely to see COVID outbreaks

Schools in Maricopa and Pima counties that don't require face coverings to protect students from COVID-19 are 3.5 times more likely to experience an outbreak of the disease, a study published Friday by the CDC shows. ... Read more»

Tucson official touts benefits of school gardens to fight kids’ hunger

Moses Thompson, who directs the Community and School Garden Program at 18 schools in TUSD, joined advocates from around the country Wednesday to testify at a House Rules Committee roundtable on the ways that schools can help fight childhood hunger.... Read more»

White House plan would let Arizona schools skirt Ducey's ban on mask mandates

Gov. Doug Ducey’s threat to withhold funding from schools that impose mask mandates took a severe hit Thursday, when the White House said local school districts can apply directly to the federal government “to restore funding withheld by state leaders.” ... Read more»

Some Arizona schools sticking with mask mandates, despite Ducey funding threat

Friday was the deadline for Arizona schools to drop mask mandates if they wanted to be eligible for a share of millions in COVID-19 state aid, but at least several school districts in the state were refusing to comply with Gov. Doug Ducey’s demand. ... Read more»

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