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Pfizer’s newest vaccine plant has persistent mold issues and a history of recalls

Pfizer’s management knew last year there was “a mold issue” at the Kansas facility now slated to produce the drugmaker’s urgently needed COVID-19 vaccine, according to a Food and Drug Administration inspection report.... Read more»

Small farms immune to safety investigations, even when a worker dies

In 1976, a few years after OSHA was created, Congress attached a rider to the agency’s budget that exempted farms with 10 or fewer employees from enforcement. It shields farm owners from accountability when their workers die in preventable accidents.... Read more»

Supreme Court clarifies police power in traffic stops

The Supreme Court on Monday held it does not violate the Fourth Amendment for a police officer to pull over a car because it is registered to a person with a revoked license, so long as the officer does not have reason to believe someone other than the owner is driving the car. ... Read more»

Once a favorite American pastime, greyhound racing seems headed for doggie heaven

The last remaining states allowing dog racing face increased pressure to end the competition.... Read more»

Advocates vow appeal in fight over Az voter ID law

A federal judge’s order backing Arizona and Kansas laws that require proof of citizenship for voter registration is “not the American way” and must be challenged, opponents said Thursday. The comments came after a U.S. district judge in Kansas ordered the Election Assistance Commission to include the two states’ proof-of-citizenship requirement on federal voter registration forms.... Read more»1

Kansas gov. insists it's OK to ignore federal gun laws

As we detailed earlier this month, dozens of states are considering bills that attempt to nullify federal gun laws. One such bill became a law last month in Kansas. It exempts “Made in Kansas” guns from federal regulation and makes it a crime for federal agents to enforce federal law. ... Read more»

Beer, wine wholesalers push for voter ID laws

Beer and wine wholesalers have pumped substantial cash into the campaigns of several American Legislative Exchange Council politicians who have sponsored voter ID bills in their states.... Read more»


Kansas welcoming undocumented workers?

Major business groups in Kansas want to allow undocumented immigrants to work in dairies, feedlots, landscaping, construction and other industries facing labor shortages, to the likely chagrin of Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, who has helped guide Arizona’s campaign against illegal immigration.... Read more»

Opinion: Foreign aid industry inherently flawed

Like monks calculating the number of angels able to dance on the head of a pin, the apparatchiks of our international assistance community remain focused on dogma, never questioning the foundations of their credo.... Read more»