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'Little victims everywhere': Child sexual abuse ravages Native communities

Child sexual abuse is among the worst scourges on Indigenous communities in North America, yet little hard data exists on the extent of the problem - not until the last decade has the Justice Department been required to publicly disclose what happens to those investigations.... Read more»

Arizona election redistricting consultant defends work on Latino district maps

A mapping consultant selected by the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission says some of its past work has been mischaracterized, while critics point to a track record from National Demographics Corporation that they say shows a history of disadvantaging Latino voters.... Read more»

Federal contempt charge likely for Maricopa Sheriff Penzone

Maricopa Sheriff Paul Penzone - a Democrat who succeeded Trump-pardoned Republican Joe Arpaio - is not complying with a court order to overhaul how the department investigates officer misconduct, a federal judge said Thursday, signaling he will find Penzone in contempt.... Read more»

Taking on white nationalism, feds say big threats need big spending

White nationalism appeared to dominate Capitol Hill on Wednesday as senators focused on the Justice Department’s budget while House lawmakers held their latest hearing on January’s storming of the U.S. Capitol. ... Read more»

Az Senate President Fann tells DOJ she scrapped 'audit' plans to canvass voters

Senate President Karen Fann has halted plans for a controversial provision of her election 'audit' that called for auditors to knock on voters’ doors to confirm voter registration information, she informed the U.S. Department of Justice.... Read more»

Secretary of state’s observers raise concerns with Arizona 'audit'

Observers with the Arizona’s Secretary of State’s Office who were granted access to the state Senate’s 'audit' of the Maricopa County election said they witnessed concerning issues in regards to security of computers, ballots and a general lack of procedures around the process. ... Read more»

Justice Department raises concerns with Arizona 'audit'

The U.S. Department of Justice is asking Arizona Senate President Karen Fann to explain what steps she’s taking to make sure the election 'audit' she ordered doesn’t violate federal laws prohibiting voter intimidation and requiring ballots be preserved.... Read more»

The federal government will now give PPP loans to borrowers in bankruptcy

The federal government has quietly reversed course on a policy that had kept thousands of businesses from applying for pandemic economic aid, with only weeks to go before funds are expected to run out. ... Read more»