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Ducey will decide fate of GOP bill to make it easier for Arizona parents to sue teachers

A bill to allow parents to sue Arizona teachers for "usurping the fundamental right" of a parent in raising their children won approval is now one signature from becoming law.... Read more»

9/11 education would be mandated under proposal that cleared Arizona House

“Never forget” will not only be enshrined in American vernacular but also Arizona curriculum, if a proposal establishing 9/11 Education Day and requiring public school teachers to craft lesson plans about the terrorist attacks every September 11 passes into law. ... Read more»

Arizona Republicans close in on passage of election restrictions

The Arizona House voted Tuesday to advance two election reform bills that would limit the creation of emergency voting centers and prohibit same-day voter registration - vital issues for Arizona Republicans who claim integrity concerns following the 2020 presidential election.... Read more»

A new Arizona bill would tie high school graduation to studying 'the evils of communism'

Arizona high school students wouldn’t be able to graduate unless they are taught how communism and totalitarianism conflict with the American “principles of freedom and democracy” under a proposal backed by Republicans Tuesday. ... Read more»

Arizona House OKs anti-critical race theory bill banning 'racially divisive' curriculum

Arizona Republican lawmakers are seeking to ban so-called "critical race theory" education in Arizona schools after the state Supreme Court last year struck down a law barring such education because it was unconstitutionally added to the state's annual budget.... Read more»

Capital COVID: Arizona state, federal lawmakers face different pandemic rules

Even though U.S. Rep. Raúl Grijalva tested positive for COVID-19 Wednesday, the Tucson Democrat was still able to cast votes in Congress by proxy Thursday while he was quarantined at home - an option many state lawmakers with they had.... Read more»

Az House finalizes budget, tax cuts, but kills school voucher expansion

The Arizona House of Representatives wrapped up work Friday on a $12.8 billion budget that dramatically overhauls the state’s income tax code, shields some wealthy Arizonans from paying a voter-approved tax to boost teacher pay and mandates new civics curriculum in public schools while rejecting expansion of the school voucher program.... Read more»

Democrats jump to early advantage in bid to flip Az Legislature

Following the initial count of early ballots received before Election Day, Democrats led in a handful of key legislative districts for control of both the House of Representatives and Senate. Democrats need net gains of two seats in the House and three in the Senate to take control of the chambers.... Read more»