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Fleet of asylum officers tapped to crack yearslong immigration backlog

U.S. officials announced a new rule on Thursday aimed at screening the immigration claims of people who would otherwise face expedited removal but have asserted that they will be persecuted or tortured if returned to their homelands. ... Read more»

Up to 100 new immigration judges would be added under Biden budget request

The Biden administration released a budget proposal for the upcoming fiscal year that would increase the number of immigration judges and allocate millions in funding to clear backlogs of hearings and asylum requests. ... Read more»

Arizona Supreme Court Justice Gould eyes run for attorney general

Arizona Supreme Court Justice Andrew Gould, a Republican who has served on the Supreme Court for four years, is considering running for attorney general. Arizona’s rules of judicial conduct prohibit sitting judges and justices from running for office or campaigning for others, so Gould will have to step down from the Supreme Court if decides to run for attorney general. ... Read more»

Arizona earns 'F' for judicial financial disclosure

Forty-two states — including Arizona — received a failing grade in an evaluation of disclosure requirements for high court judges. While judges must report their income sources and those of their family members, they are not required to report dollar amounts, even in ranges. Arizona’s score suffered because of poor disclosure rules about gifts.... Read more»

White House nominates four to fill judgeships on Az federal court

The White House nominated four people Thursday to vacant judgeships on the U.S. District Court of Arizona, apparently clearing the way for a long-stalled fifth nomination to proceed in the process. The four join Rosemary Marquez, whose nomination has languished for more than two years without a hearing.... Read more»

Voters reject Prop 115 on judicial selection

Voters rejected Proposition 115 Tuesday, upholding the current system of selecting and retaining state judges in Pima and Maricopa counties as well as appellate and Supreme Court judges.... Read more»

Census numbers bring change for Pinal Superior Court judges

Thanks to Pinal County’s jump in population over the last decade, voters will decide whether to retain sitting judges rather than directly electing them. Any vacancies on the bench will be filled through appointment, not election.... Read more»

Voters will learn about judges rulings online

Come election time in 2012, voters will have online access to more information about state appellate judges when they decide whether to retain them, thanks to two new laws.... Read more»1

Merit selection for judges referred to voters

Voters will decide in November whether to change the way Arizona selects appellate judges and how Maricopa and Pima counties select Superior Court judges by giving the governor more control over the process.... Read more»