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Watch: Families keep alive memories of women slain and dumped in Valley of Juárez arroyo

In the Valley of Juárez, a seemingly tranquil arroyo has been the site of carnage, a place where the remains of at least 24 murdered women were found between 2008 and 2013. Their families strive to keep their memories alive.... Read more»

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Fear & uncertainty: Asylum-seekers in limbo under Trump’s expanding ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy

As the Trump administration seeks to expand the "Migrant Protection Protocols" or "Remain in Mexico" program along the southwest border, migrants and shelter operators worry about the future, even as asylum reviews tighten further. ... Read more»1

As El Paso closes emergency migrant shelters, Mexico scrambles to add space on the border

The Mexican government has converted a former factory into a shelter that could potentially house thousands of migrants. But in El Paso, a number of churches have closed their emergency shelters as the number of migrants has dropped.... Read more»

Is Ciudad Juárez on the brink of a new gang war?

October was the deadliest month in Ciudad Juárez in nearly three years, with more than 100 people murdered just south of the Rio Grande. Locals are anxious — and hopeful they're not witnessing a resurgence of the brutal drug war that plagued this Mexican border city from 2008 to 2011. ... Read more»

Sicario’s dirty war on Mexican cartels is not yet reality

Denis Villeneuve’s movie gets much right about the borderlands but crosses the line into exaggeration. A veteran border correspondent compares the film’s underworld to the one he knows. ... Read more»

Juárez cartel war drives many across border

Despite improvements in pockets of northern Mexico after years of bloodshed, instability still reigns in areas of Chihuahua state that continues driving people north to seek safe haven. What determines whether a person lives or dies near this part of the Rio Grande could be as simple as geography. ... Read more»

El Paso still safe despite murders, lawmakers say

After four years running as the safest city of its size in the nation, El Paso will close out 2014 with an 80 percent increase in murders. ... Read more»1

Tours aim to redefine Juárez, revitalize tourism

Hopes are riding on a new effort in which tour buses will come to Ciudad Juárez regularly from El Paso. Officials want the tours to help shed Juárez's image as a danger zone and showcase the city as a destination for area tourists.... Read more»

Border charity seeks to educate others about Mexican bureaucracy

Officials with a Texas-based nonprofit operating a binational charity learned a difficult lesson about running a facility in Juárez, Mexico. A misunderstanding led to the removal of the facility's 40 children with special needs. What happened to them, they said, could happen to others if they are unprepared. ... Read more»

Texas congressman urges support for Mexican security plan

As Mexico plans to deploy federal forces to a border state to quell a rash of violence there, U.S. Rep. Filemon Vela says a U.S. endorsement will help the strategy succeed. But analysts have some serious concerns about the strategy. Vela says there's no perfect solution but that the status quo cannot stand.... Read more»

Proposed border rail project gets mixed reviews

As Mexican officials contemplate relocating a major railway that connects the state of Chihuahua to Texas, trade experts in El Paso have mixed views on whether the investment is needed immediately. But activists in Ciudad Juárez say the trains need to go now. ... Read more»

Mexico's gov't says this time it really killed 'craziest' kingpin

The last time Nazario Moreno was killed locals didn't believe it. But officials say this time the cartel boss really is dead, and that they have strong evidence to prove it.... Read more»

Year in review: Little movement on immigration reform

The big news on the immigration front in 2013 is what didn’t happen. Advocates for reform, including the immigrant community, law enforcement, and business and faith-based leaders, hoped this was the year for a comprehensive overhaul of the country’s immigration system. They argued that the anti-immigrant rhetoric on the 2012 campaign trail had energized Democrats and rattled moderate Republicans, who they hoped would take action on immigration reform for the first time since 1986.... Read more»

Juarez: The sequel

Not long ago, all headlines out of Ciudad Juarez screamed bloody drug war murder. Now something unexpected is happening in the Mexican border town. Homicides have plummeted. Some who fled have returned. Sports clubs keep kids out of gangs. GlobalPost went to find out if this amazing recovery is built to last. ... Read more»

Mexicans return to get Juarez cooking again

Like many thousands of his well-heeled neighbors, gourmet chef Oscar Herrera fled across the Rio Grande to Texas as gangland savagery engulfed this border city five years ago. Now like many others Herrera has returned to Ciudad Juarez, determined to sink deeper roots in a community and country he’d never fully appreciated.... Read more»

Mexico's Silicon Valley fends off cartel concerns

While touting Guadalajara as Mexico's Silicon Valley, President Felipe Calderón fielded questions on whether the city he's trying to attract investors to is safe from the drug violence that has plagued the country.... Read more»

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