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'It’s not really practical': Arizona Republican wants to go from 30 House districts to 90

When the next Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission convenes in 2031, it might be drawing 90 single-member House districts instead of 30 districts with two representatives apiece, at least if Sen. J.D. Mesnard has any say over it.... Read more»

Ducey signs bill to remove some Arizona voters from early ballot list

On Tuesday, Gov. Ducey signed SB 1485 barely an hour after the Senate approved it on a party-line vote, which will allow voters who are signed up to automatically receive early ballots for every election to be removed from the list if they don’t use those ballots.... Read more»

McSally urged to oppose Trump’s rollback of Obama fuel economy standards

Two Democratic state legislators want U.S. Sen. Martha McSally to oppose the Trump administration’s plan to relax fuel economy standards implemented to reduce fossil fuel use and air pollution.... Read more»

Debate not bitter: Arizona Leg might declare lemonade as state drink

Lemonade is one step closer to becoming Arizona’s state drink. Four senators jokingly proposed amendments to change the state drink to pink lemonade, sun tea, the margarita or Jamaica, a drink created from hibiscus flowers.... Read more»

Advocates: Arizona should expand sex education

“I think it’s really irresponsible that we let so many youth go out into the world without proper sex education, without a proper understanding of what they’re getting themselves into. Right now we’re putting all those students at a disadvantage," said one state lawmaker.... Read more»

Tolerance grows, but number of nonreligious lawmakers doesn’t

Most Arizona lawmakers feel a sense of pride when asked to give the invocation to open a House session, but Rep. Juan Mendez was gripped by a different emotion. “I came in with a little bit of fear – not wanting to let myself be known,” said Mendez, a freshman Democrat from Tempe. “Known” as an atheist.... Read more»