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Stephen Colbert's super PAC "Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow" has spent $15,000 on ads in South Carolina.

As the South Carolina primary revs up, it's worth taking a step back and considering all the confusing names for super PACs, and all the confusing money that might be spent in the coming months. Read more»

Jon Huntsman

Presidential hopeful Jon Huntsman announced in Myrtle Beach, S.C., on Monday, "I am suspending my campaign for the presidency." He gave his backing to Mitt Romney. Read more»

Mitt Romney

In the latest poll taken by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life, 1,000 Mormons answered questions about their faith and on the overall said they felt uneasy in the spotlight and misunderstood by Americans in the mainstream. Read more» 1

Al 'Dick' Perry

Tucson's Al “Dick” Perry is realistic about his chances as a presidential candidate, figuring he’s “probably not going to get more than about 38 votes” in Arizona’s Republican primary. That still could be more than Jon Huntsman, whose campaign missed Monday’s deadline to get on the ballot. Read more»

Sheriff Joe Arpaio draws Rick Perry’s ballot order number out of a historic state trophy with Secretary of State Ken Bennett. The drawing determined the placement of candidates’ names on the Arizona presidential preference election ballot.

The order that candidates will appear on the ballot for the Republican presidential primary in Arizona was set by drawing Tuesday in Phoenix. Read more»

Mitt Romney

The latest numbers from New Hampshire indicate that Mitt Romney leads the Republican candidates at 37 percent, with Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman trailing at 18 and 16 percent respectively. Read more»

Jon Huntsman

Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman filed his paperwork for Arizona's primary a few hours before Monday’s 5 p.m. deadline, but he failed to qualify because it was missing his notarized signature. Read more»

Mitt Romney

Truth took a punch or two Saturday at the first of two GOP debates before New Hampshire's critical presidential primary. Read more» 1

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, with his wife Anita, announces that he's reassessing his campaign and heading home to Texas following a disappointing fifth place finish in the Iowa caucuses early Wednesday.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry is going home for some "prayer and reflection" to decide whether to continue his presidential quest after a dismal fifth-place finish in the Iowa caucuses on Tuesday. Read more»

Herman Cain speaks in Scottsdale on Nov. 8. During Tuesday's debate in Washington, Cain said terrorists are crossing into the United States from Mexico.

The latest GOP debate was thin on memorable moments or major factual bloopers, but we do have some leftover claims to dispute before we shut down for the Thanksgiving holiday. Read more» 1

Eight of the three-cycle GOP bundlers have contributed to Texas Gov. Rick Perry's campaign.

The party’s most loyal presidential fundraisers are 46 people who “bundled” at least $24 million for George W. Bush in 2000 and 2004 and for John McCain in 2008. Of those triple hitters, nearly half have yet to tap their networks to back a candidate to head the Republican ticket in 2012. Read more»

Newt Gingrich

Do you think Democrats are behind the recent Republican scandals? Think again. Read more» 1

We found several exaggerations and misstatements in the latest Republican presidential candidates’ debate. Romney issued a hollow threat to take China’s currency manipulation to a world body that doesn’t actually deal with overvalued money, and he claimed federal spending consumes more of the nation’s economic output than it really does. Read more»

The Republican candidates for president sat down for a roundtable-style discussion Tuesday night at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire.

At the latest debate, the Republican presidential candidates repeated several claims they’ve made before. The candidates reiterated false and misleading lines about the federal health care law, the debt ceiling debate, job creation and more. Read more»

A religion by any other name is ... a cult Read more»

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