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2 killed in rollover crash during Border Patrol chase south of Tucson

Two people were killed and four were seriously injured when a pickup pursued by Border Patrol agents crashed and rolled over on the frontage road parallel to I-19 south of Tucson on Monday night.... Read more»

Another Border Patrol agent dies from COVID-19 in Arizona

Border Patrol lost a second agent in Southern Arizona to COVID-19 in November, one of 55 CBP employees killed by coronavirus — including seven federal border officers and agents in Arizona. COVID has become the leading cause of death of U.S. law enforcement officers.... Read more»

Tucson-area Border Patrol agent dies from COVID-19

A Border Patrol agent in Southern Arizona died Friday from COVID-19, one of a half-dozen members of CBP killed by coronavirus in the state. Anibal Perez is the fourth BP agent to die from COVID in Arizona this year as the disease has cut a swath through CBP's ranks, killing 51 officers and employees during the pandemic.... Read more»

Aid group: Border officials rejected legal asylum claims, subjected migrants to physical & mental abuse

A humanitarian group based in Nogales, Mexico, accused U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials of violating the due process rights of asylum seekers, rejecting legal asylum claims and subjecting migrants to mental and physical abuse. ... Read more»

Pima County faces 'arms race' against COVID-19, Ducey rejects FEMA vaccine site

Pima County officials said that they are in an "arms race" against new variants of COVID-19, and that an opportunity to take the county's "aggressive" vaccine plan and "put it on steroids" has been hampered by Gov. Ducey's refusal to allow federal officials to set up a new vaccine site that could serve more than 200,000 people. ... Read more»

BP released COVID-positive asylum-seeking grandmother now hospitalized in Tucson

The unidentified woman was picked up with her daughter and granddaughter by Border Patrol agents in the Arizona desert, then turned over to Catholic Social Services, who discovered her illness during a medical exam at a Tucson shelter.... Read more»

New Tucson airport CBP site already booked until April for 'Trusted Traveler' signups

CBP opened a new facility at Tucson's airport to host enrollment in programs like Global Entry and SENTRI. But those Trusted Traveler interview slots are already filled up until April, officials said.... Read more»