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GOP plan to expand school vouchers to all 1.1 million Arizona students clears House

A proposal to let all 1.1 million Arizona students use taxpayer-funded vouchers to attend private school passed the Arizona House of Representatives Wednesday after two Republicans who had opposed previous efforts to expand the program changed their position.... Read more»

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Arizona’s legislative salary commission hasn’t met since 2014, doesn’t even have members

The Commission on Salaries for Elective State Officers - tasked with proposing salary increases for statewide elected officials, members of the judiciary and lawmakers - hasn't held a meeting since 2014, and doesn’t even have enough members for a quorum. ... Read more»

Arizona GOP lawmakers send Ducey bills banning gender surgery, girls’ sports for trans kids

Arizona Republicans pushed through legislative proposals that restrict transgender children’s access to girls sports and gender-affirming surgeries - sending both bills to Gov. Doug Ducey’s desk for his signature or veto.... Read more»

Every Az voter's name, address & ballot would be published online after every election under GOP proposal

Every Arizona voter who casts a ballot would have their name and address published online by election officials under a proposal being backed by Republican legislators. ... Read more»

Republican-backed measure to restrict filming of police officers passes Arizona Senate committee

Legislation which would make it illegal to film police officers within eight feet of them is closer to becoming Arizona law, despite concerns that it could hinder efforts to document misconduct.... Read more»

Proposed Arizona law would publish undocumented immigrants' mugshots online

Undocumented immigrants on supervised probation who have been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony would have their pictures published online under new Arizona legislative proposal framed as a way to collect data on crime rates in the immigrant community.... Read more»

Early Arizona voter ID measure will be on November ballot

Arizona voters will decide in November whether they should have to put more than a signature on early ballots - if approved, the law would require something extra: a driver’s license number, state identification number, the last four digits of a Social Security number or a voter ID number.... Read more»

9/11 education would be mandated under proposal that cleared Arizona House

“Never forget” will not only be enshrined in American vernacular but also Arizona curriculum, if a proposal establishing 9/11 Education Day and requiring public school teachers to craft lesson plans about the terrorist attacks every September 11 passes into law. ... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

Cancel Legislature of 2022 seeks to muzzle Arizona's progressives & other undesireables

Gay people, teachers, transgender students and F. Scott Fitzgerald are in the sights of Arizona Republicans, who seek to silence the politically and culturally disobedient.... Read more»1

Bipartisan bill would set up Arizona task force to investigate police use-of-force

A bipartisan measure to create a new division inside the Arizona Department of Public Safety that would investigate use-of-force incidents and criminal misconduct by police officers won unanimous support in a legislative committee Monday afternoon.... Read more»

Arizona bill requiring redactions on all body camera footage is back

Sen. John Kavanagh, who spent decades as a police officer, is reviving a measure that would heavily redact any body-worn camera footage released to the public, including requiring nearly all faces be blurred - though Arizona already has privacy exemptions to the public record law. ... Read more»

Az House again passes sentencing reform bill, which faces unknown fate in Senate

For the second time this year, the Arizona House of Representatives passed legislation to allow some prison inmates to earn earlier releases, but it remains to be seen whether it will get a vote in the Senate, where the bill already died once this legislative session.... Read more»

Az House passes bill for investigations of ballot signature mismatches

Prosecutorial agencies would have the opportunity to investigate possible voter fraud when county election officials can't verify the signatures on early ballots, under legislation approved by House Republicans.... Read more»

Arizona DPS troopers could get body cams, along with restrictions blocking release of footage

Republican lawmakers are poised to give the Arizona Department of Public Safety money to equip all state troopers with body-worn cameras — but along with the money comes severe restrictions on the public’s ability to ever see what those cameras capture.... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

Election fraudit: The fix is in, but it may be no fix at all for what ails Arizona's GOP

Arizona's shambles of an election fraudit isn't the solution to Republican problems. It's a festering symptom of the condition of the state, shifting from red to blue. ... Read more»

Committee bypasses roadblock to revive and pass sentencing reform bill

A multi-year push to loosen Arizona’s strict sentencing laws was resurrected Tuesday, despite the resistance of a key Senate Republican who refused to hear the bill. The House Appropriations Committee on Tuesday approved legislation that would allow drug offenders to get out of prison after serving half of their sentences, and other nonviolent offenders to earn up to a third off their sentences. ... Read more»

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