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Wide angle look at the Arizona Capitol complex, where the Legislature is launching a broad side of canceling political targets

Gay people, teachers, transgender students and F. Scott Fitzgerald are in the sights of Arizona Republicans, who seek to silence the politically and culturally disobedient. Read more» 1

A Republican bill that would bar the state from making the COVID-19 vaccine a requirement for school enrollment passed out of committee Tuesday and will next head to the full House for a vote. Read more»

The Republican-controlled House passed a measure Thursday that would ban sexually explicit materials in K-12 classrooms across the state. Read more»

An American flag outside the Arizona capitol building in Phoenix.

Arizona Republican lawmakers seek sovereignty over federal COVID mandates in a slate of new bills. Read more»

Arizona Republicans are wistful for days gone past, and they’re determined to do everything they can to catapult the state backwards in pursuit of winding back the clock. Read more»

After three consecutive years of Republican lawmakers championing a proposal to repeal the decades-old law that prohibits bilingual education for English-language learners in Arizona, it appears the effort won't get a push this legislative session. Read more»

A person hold Stop the Steal sign at a rally at the Arizona Capitol on Jan. 26, 2022, in favor of House Bill 2596, which would make sweeping changes to how elections are conducted in Arizona. The biggest change would be to allow the legislature to overturn election results for any reason, but it also would require all ballots to be hand-counted within 24 hours of the polls closing and would end on-demand early voting, which is used by about 80% of Arizona voters.

Lawmakers would have the power to reject election results under a sweeping piece of legislation sponsored by Republican Rep. John Fillmore that would make seismic changes to the way elections are conducted in Arizona. Read more»

Bill sponsor Rep. Steve Kaiser worked with anti-LGBTQ advocacy groups to draft the legislation, including the Center for Arizona Policy, a conservative Christian lobbying organization that is widely considered one of the most powerful lobbying groups at the state Capitol.

Arizona Republicans this week lined up behind a measure that would discipline teachers and open them up to lawsuits if they don’t tell parents everything a student tells them — even if the student confides that he or she is gay or transgender. Read more»

Republicans backed a bill that would ban books like “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings,” “1984” and “The Great Gatsby” from Arizona schools because they contain frank descriptions of sex and sexuality - that critics say would effectively make it illegal to teach about homosexuality. Read more» 1

The 1619 Project, launched in 2019 by The New York Times Magazine to mark the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the first African slaves to what later became the U.S., frames the enslavement of Africans and their descendants as a foundational event in the country’s history.

The Arizona Department of Education won’t act on a request from a Republican state lawmaker to take funding away from a Phoenix school district that serves low-income students because it adopted curriculum from “The 1619 Project,” which examines the legacy of slavery in the U.S. Read more»

Before voting on House Bill 2725, lawmakers heard brief but emotional testimony from three mothers of non-binary children. Republican state Reps. John Fillmore and Kevin made several anti-LGBT and discriminatory comments and now face ethics complaints.

Republican state Reps. John Fillmore and Kevin Payne are both facing ethics complaints for anti-LGBTQ and discriminatory comments made Wednesday during a Government and Elections Committee meeting, including referring to the child of a community member testifying virtually as "it". Read more»

Non-binary people have a gender identity or gender expression that doesn’t fall within traditional male or female categories.

The proposal by Rep. John Fillmore would bar all Arizona state agencies, departments, boards or commissions from identifying an individual’s sex as anything other than male or female. Read more»

A top Arizona Republican is pushing a trio of bills aimed at the transgender community, including penalizing schools for referring to a student by a pronoun that isn’t the gender associated with their biological sex. Read more»

Some Arizona legislators want Bibles in the classroom, but state teachers could find themselves punished if they bring other texts into public and charter schools. Read more» 2

Rep. John Fillmore, R-Apache Junction, shown in this August 2011 photo, wants to raise the classroom experience required of new public school principals from three years to five years.

Requiring principals to have at least five years of experience in the classroom would enable them to better help teachers solve problems and enhance the effectiveness of Arizona’s public schools, a state lawmaker contends. Read more»