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Senate passes immigration reform bill

The U.S. Senate on Thursday passed its version of the comprehensive immigration reform bill that would pave the way for citizenship for the millions of undocumented immigrants in the country.... Read more»1

Federal legislation targets Mexico over water treaty

A growing list of federal U.S. lawmakers is urging Mexico to comply with the terms of a 1944 water treaty they say its southern neighbor is violating.... Read more»

Cornyn’s ‘ralse’ rhetoric

Sen. John Cornyn alleged President Obama has told the families of Newtown shooting victims that the Republican party “doesn’t really care about their loss.” But Obama never actually said that.... Read more»

Texas lawmakers to introduce border security bill

Doubling down on their vows to focus on border security before considering immigration reform, U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, and U.S. Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Austin, will file legislation on Tuesday that will further scrutinize how well the federal government protects the U.S.-Mexico border. ... Read more»


Federal budget inaction could weaken border security, trade

The same week Texas Democrats touted the results of a government study that shows border communities are safe, a federal stalemate could shrink the law enforcement build-up that helped make those results possible.... Read more»

Senate votes to let tribal courts try non-Indians in domestic, sexual assault cases

Native American and women’s groups welcomed the Senate’s reauthorization Tuesday of the Violence Against Women Act, which includes a provision to let tribal courts prosecute non-Indian suspects in domestic and sexual abuse cases. ... Read more»

Will PRI's return mark shift in drug war?

The likely return to power of PRI in Mexico has prompted many to question whether the party's former alleged practice of making deals with cartel members will be the standard after President-elect Enrique Peña Nieto is sworn in on Dec. 1.... Read more»1

SOPA, PIPA losing steam

The Wednesday blackout protests by SOPA and PIPA protesters have been the latest pressure against lawmakers to stop the anti-web piracy bills – and it seems to be working. Sens. Marco Rubio and John Cornyn are changing course in the debate.... Read more»1

What's different about the border economy in Texas?

On the national stage, Texas' economy is its best selling point. But this so-called "Texas Miracle" doesn't extend statewide: In the border region, unemployment reaches as high as 13.2 percent, and the median income is 30 percent lower than the statewide average. ... Read more»

U.S. poised to install ambasador in Mexico

The U.S. appears poised to install an ambassador in Mexico, more than four months after the country's top diplomat resigned amid a public split with the Mexican president.... Read more»

Trucking program raises border policy questions

Some Texas Republicans are embracing a cross-border trucking agreement between the U.S. and Mexico that labor unions worry could kill jobs and drastically reduce border security.... Read more»1


Corporate lobbyists hold sway over judicial nominations

Many of the best legal scholars and judges in the country who are up for federal court positions are being painted in poor light, putting fair decisions at risk.... Read more»

Is the border vulnerable to terrorists?

A top advisor to President Barack Obama conceded last week that terrorists seeking to unleash havoc in the United States could use Texas’ porous border with Mexico to enter this country.... Read more»

Anchors away

Repeal birthright citizenship - and then what?

Proposals to abolish the 14th Amendment’s birthright citizenship provision have ricocheted through the political noise machine. What would the removal of birthright citizenship mean for the country? Pierce the fog of rhetoric and you’ll quickly discover that nobody really knows.... Read more»

'Murderbilia': Should collecting crime memorabilia be illegal?

Ted Bundy’s fried hair. Sperm from college campus shooter Wayne Lo. Dirt from the crawl space where John Wayne Gacy stored 26 bodies. All are collectors’ items in the macabre world of murderabilia. The more notorious the killer, the bigger the price tag.... Read more»

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