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Top GOP senator: Shredded Maricopa ballots will ‘evaporate’ if given to the AG

A top-ranking Senate Republican told a Pinal County woman who claims to have found shredded 2020 ballots in a trash bin that she should turn them over to him and warned against trusting the Republican attorney general with the “smoking gun” evidence of election fraud. ... Read more»1

Political feud, retirement benefits prompt early resignation by Maricopa treasurer

Looking to get an earlier start on his retirement and on a proposed recall effort against his rivals on the Board of Supervisors, Maricopa County Treasurer Royce Flora announced he would resign on New Year's Eve.... Read more»

Polygraphs for Border Patrol applicants seen as hurdle to hiring rush

Customs and Border Protection officials are considering ways to waive polygraphs for some applicants as the agency works to meet President Trump’s push to hire thousands more border agents. But it would also relax a policy meant to curb a wave of corruption that CBP faced in its last hiring boom, a change critics called “alarming.”... Read more»


U.S. military describes its mistakes in Afghanistan

A report by the Joint Chiefs of Staff says that both military and civilian officials failed to tackle corrosive corruption in Afghanistan. ... Read more»

Lawmaker: Allow online law school grads to take Az bar exam

Rep. John Allen, R-Scottsdale, has introduced a bill that would allow graduates of online law schools to take the bar exam and become attorneys. ... Read more»

Business leaders: Common Core Standards will improve workforce

While executives said the standards will boost the number of job candidates with strong math and critical reasoning skills, they also urged lawmakers to provide funding to train teachers on implementation. All schools are required to use the standards by next school year. ... Read more»


General correspondence

The penis mightier than the sword. If you'll pardon the pun.... Read more»

Poll: 69% of Americans want U.S. out of Afghanistan

More than two-thirds of Americans want U.S. troops out of Afghanistan, the latest poll finds.... Read more»