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UA grad Megan Page selected to lead Pima County public defenders office

Megan Page was appointed to serve as unanimously by the Pima County Board of Supervisors to serve as the county's public defender during a meeting Tuesday morning.... Read more»

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Conover reverses, will resume drug charges after Pima jail numbers stay high

Saying that her policy to reduce crowding and decrease COVID-19 risks at the jail was "undermined," Pima County Attorney Laura Conover will resume filing charges in minor drug cases, in order to direct people to treatment via court.... Read more»

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On shooting a man in a wheelchair 9 times in the back: A tale of 2 justice systems

When a police officer kills someone in Arizona they benefit from a very special justice system, guided by unique laws and practices granted only to police. TPD fired Officer Ryan Remington after he shot a man 9 times in the back, but three months have passed and charges have yet to be filed against him.... Read more»

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Being arrested in Pima County should not be a death sentence

Last year was the deadliest year at the Pima County Jail since at least 2009. In 2021, one person died in the jail approximately every 31 days – the majority of them young men of color “found unresponsive in their cells.” ... Read more»

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Feinman: 'Crime' is only what we want it to be

Over the last 50 years the United States has become the greatest jailer in the history of the world. We have accomplished this by prosecuting poor people and calling it "crime prevention and control." — Joel Feinman, ... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

Candidatos con una pista: La Primaria Demócrata de Tucson ofrece experiencia

La lista de candidatos postulando para la nominación democrata en el carrera del ayuntamiento esta llena con experiencia. Las candidatos son inteligentes, apasionados y listos con sus ideas de que es bueno para Tucson. ... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

Candidates with a clue: Tucson's Democratic primary slate is chock full of experience

Good news for Tucson voters about the city primary election: Y’all have real choices. Each of the Democrats vying for office come in knowing the difference between a general fund and an enterprise fund. And the challenges they want to address are real.... Read more»2

New Az law allows clearing marijuana offenses from criminal records

Under a new state law, Arizonans with criminal records for marijuana possession have a chance to have their records expunged, and those who lost their civil rights because of a felony conviction can have their voting and gun rights quickly restored.... Read more»

Pima County shifts to allow continued 'work from home' after Supes, staff pressure

Pima County employees are concerned by a move to end coronavirus telecommuting, but County Administrator Huckelberry retreated a bit from his firm stance under pressure from the Board of Supervisors and workers.... Read more»

Judge dismisses lawsuit by sanctuary city backers as a 'practical matter'

A judge dismissed a lawsuit filed by supporters of Tucson's sanctuary initiative Monday, arguing he could not rule "as a practical matter or a matter of law" before next Tuesday's election.... Read more»3

Tucson officials claim 'sanctuary city' lawsuit was 'staged to mislead' voters

In a sharply written motion, the city of Tucson argued that a lawsuit filed by backers of the sanctuary initiative is a "transparently contrived and staged" move to "mislead" voters, and that a "secret recording" shows the backers agree with critiques made by city officials. ... Read more»

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Sanctuary City: Prop. 205 and the emptiness of the status quo

"Only in a time as myopic and jaded as ours would so many people think the status quo is something worth defending." — Joel Feinman, an organizer of Tucson's 'sanctuary city' initiative.... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

Tucson's 'Sanctuary City' backers fall for lawsuit trap

If Tucson city staff engaged in electioneering about Prop. 205, that would violate state law. On the other hand, suing over it violates the first rule of political campaigns: "Keep voters' eyes off your opponents' message."... Read more»

Pima County Attorney Barbara LaWall won't seek 7th term

Barbara LaWall, first elected as the top prosecutor in Pima County in 1996, announced Friday that she won't seek another term in 2020. She'll serve through the end of next year.... Read more»

Sanctuary City backers sue, claim Tucson officials illegally 'electioneering'

Claiming that Tucson officials are illegally “electioneering” to urge “no” votes on the initiative, backers of the Prop. 205 “Sanctuary City” measure filed suit Wednesday.... Read more»1

Republicans won't appeal ruling that OKed Tucson 'sanctuary city' for November ballot

Local Republicans won't seek review of a judge's ruling last week that tossed out their legal challenge to an initiative that would declare Tucson a "sanctuary city" and restrict local immigration enforcement if voters approve in November.... Read more»

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