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$23M awarded to TIA for runway safety work

A $23 million federal grant will help Tucson International Airport with major renovations, with the runway safety project receiving the largest amount from the first round of a $3.2 billion national program.... Read more»

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Arizona remittances to Mexico continued to surge through pandemic

The economic upheaval of the pandemic did little to slow the amount of money sent home to Mexico by workers in Arizona, with those payments growing faster in 2020 than at any point the past nine years. ... Read more»

As death rates rise, Arizona medical examiners struggle to keep pace with caseload

Though the Pima County Medical Examiner’s Office has enough forensic pathologists on staff to keep pace with the office’s caseload, they are one of the lucky ones as Arizona medical examiners say they are struggling to keep up with rising caseloads.... Read more»

Pima County job fair seeks teachers & staff for free pre-school program

Pima County will host a job fair to hire more than 100 early education teachers and staff at the Kino Events Center on May 12 from 2 to 5 p.m. as the county aims to expand their free pre-K program known as PEEPS. ... Read more»

U.S. Interior secretary to promote big spending jump for tribal, climate programs

Interior Secretary Deb Haaland will ask a U.S. House spending panel to increase funding for the department's tribal programs and climate resilience efforts, according to written testimony released ahead of a hearing scheduled for Thursday.... Read more»


States stuck trying to fix early ed pay as feds drop the ball

Evidence suggests that focusing on wages in early early childhood education could help stabilize the industry - but as legislation that would help address the lack of adequate pay is stalled in Congress, some states are tackling the issue of compensation.... Read more»

Momentum builds behind a way to lower the cost of college: A degree in 3 years

Several conventional colleges and universities are offering bachelor’s degrees in three years instead of the customary four as students and families increasingly chafe at the more than four years - and the cost - it now takes most of those earning degrees.... Read more»

Arizona unemployment hit 'historic' low of 3.3% in March, new data shows

Arizona’s unemployment rate fell to 3.3% in March, the lowest rate in almost a half-century, but the lower unemployment rate might also reflect a pandemic-driven drop in the labor force that has left some businesses hard-pressed to fill job openings.... Read more»

States look to community colleges to fill labor gap

Amid a labor shortage that has baffled businesses and slowed the nation’s economic rehabilitation, policymakers, community college administrators and private businesses are fueling new initiatives designed to quickly get students into the workforce.... Read more»

Trucking companies train you on the job — just don’t try to quit

Each year, thousands of aspiring truck drivers sign up for training with some of the nation’s biggest freight haulers - but the training programs often fail to deliver the compensation and working conditions they promise.... Read more»

Fixes in works after tribal housing and food benefits cut

Under federal and tribal policies, benefits such as housing subsidies and food assistance are cut even for people earning poverty wages - but several programs are now operating or are being developed to address some of the underlying issues.... Read more»

Cleanup of abandoned uranium mines stirs demand for workers

With big money flowing in the coming decade from settlements with large corporations and the U.S. government for contamination, cleanup of hundreds of abandoned uranium mines - found in all corners of the Southwest - will finally begin.... Read more»


Amazon, Starbucks and the sparking of a new American union movement

Inspired by pro-union sentiment in political movements, individuals are spearheading the efforts for workplace reform rather than professional union organizers - indeed, one would be hard pressed to find many experienced organizers among the recent successful campaigns. ... Read more»

Tribes work to harness energy from sun, wind and water as demand for green energy grows

Native American tribes are working to harness energy from wind, sun and water to generate millions of dollars in revenue, create short- and long-term jobs and reduce utility costs for citizens, while also helping combat climate change and boost energy independence.... Read more»

At the crossroads: State of the economy in Indian Country

'Stealth' economy for tribes hides billions of dollars in jobs, growth and revenue for rural communities

Tribal enterprises and governments are significant players in their regional economies and to the nation as a whole - but since there are no numbers that chart the impact from tribal communities across the nation, how much and where tribes contribute is a well-kept secret. ... Read more»

Tucson approves city Labor Standards Unit, despite advocates' concerns

The city of Tucson is moving ahead with their plans to create a Labor Standards Unit under the control of their Business Services Department. Advocates for Prop. 206, the $15 minimum wage ballot initiative, have said the policy requires a department to enfroce labor law and that this new unit may not cut it. ... Read more»

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